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  1. Berserker Sisyphus Additional Information

    Development Info

    So I originally came up with this as an idea for Daybitís servant based on me misremembering what his servant said precisely, I still feel it would be a good servant for the man as he is one which tries to achieve the impossible similar to Sisyphus here, but thatís probably not the case. The reason I chose him as Grand Berserker or at least a candidate for the role is due to Einstein popularly (but falsely) being associated with saying that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing
  2. I have posted a memorial index of fansubbing groups.

    It's here.
  3. Liberty Mutual must die!

    YT won't stop playing their awful ads. It's ruining the whole experience at this point. And the worst part is: I don't own a car, nor have I searched anything related to insurance ever.
  4. Its been 5 years.

    Hello, it's me. Your best friend.


    Hopefully we can enjoy a fruitful relationship from today onwards.
  5. So I really, really suck at creation.

    Who knew?

    At this point, I'm very near giving up. Gods know I've tried to make a Servant sheet worth posting these past few... who knows. Point is, I either leave them unfinished, didn't start them at all, or... in one case, I end up using the character design on some other fictional universe.

    In any case, if anyone's interested to look into which people I drew fabulous pools of nothingness from for their own purposes, I'll list the names in a future blog post when ...

    Updated August 21st, 2021 at 08:28 AM by Tabris

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