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  1. Japan (3)

    Okay, the last two days I was too tired to write about so I wrote them today. Today is day # 3 so it deserves its own post.

    The morning was dedicated to Shibuya. It's surprising how much time you can spend browsing stores.

    Don Quijote stocks all sorts of fun stuff, like...

    anthropomorphized curry,

  2. Japan (1-2)

    So I went on vacation to Japan with a friend.

    We're currently staying in Tokyo.

    Day 1:
    Not much happened here. We waited in line 1.5 hours for a ramen shop that Kuroyuki recommended.

    There were chunks of fat floating in the soup that made me feel extremely unhealthy. But there's definitely a difference between this and home fare.

    We went to a bookstore across the street and ...
  3. Fuck Life Today

    I hate today so fucking badly. After a day of continuous annoyances and chronic headaches I come home to find the door locked and family gone without telling me when they had been there two hours earlier and I have to walk the streets at night to a nearby relatives house to get a spare set of keys. And of course when I return I have to deal with the sounds from outside of dozens of drunk shits practicing for a wedding tomorrow being held tomorrow at our house for some stupid reason. The number will ...
  4. Servants I have Created:

  5. Acen 2016 Panel!

    I will be doing another Fate/Stay Night panel at Acen in Illinois this year from 11-1230 on Saturday, this time focusing on the Arthurian side of the canon and discussing how the Fate versions of these characters stack up to their literary counterparts. For the panel, I read a hell of a ton of Arthurian stuff, including the entirety of the Death of Arthur rendered in modern English, and it should be a fun experience all around. Other topics include disecting what sources Nasu himself possibly used ...