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  1. Index of Confirmed Spirit Origin Data

    The following is an archive of confirmation pertaining to recorded Spirit Origins.
    It is not limited to purely spiritual beings, but any entity with sufficient spiritual standing for the formation of a Saint Graph.

    Note that only directly confirmed manifestations are catalogued in this index.
    For theoretical data, please refer to the appropriate companion document.



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  2. Comeaux's Servant Compedium

    * Denotes questionable suitability for use in Schlock Wars.
    "Zodiac Killer" *
    Jacob (Israel Lily)

    Berserker - Francisco Goya
    Berserker - Joseph Grimaldi
    Ruler - Israel

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  3. Fate/Grand Order General Discussion (CONTAINS SPOILERS)

    Quote Originally Posted by Comun View Post
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    Playing with hellfire, but I was MIA during Wandjima's last appearance. What happened?
    Wandjinas are religious symbols of the Mowanjum tribes and a major part of their worship is that contact with these spirits is done via rock art painted in caves since pre-history. It's their belief that you cannot look at the painted Wandjinas without following proper protocol, which involves stating your name and the reason for your visit, wearing a specified color of body paint depending on your
  4. The Stranger Class DLC

    The Expansion of The Stranger Saint Graph
    by Leonardo Da Vinci (Lily)

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  5. Servant List!

    I have two more, but Crowley is the only one I like. Feel free to search for the rest, though. Will update when I finish more Servants

    Caster Aleister Crowley

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