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  1. Demon Hunters (Volume 5) Now Available!!

    Volume 5 of my Demon Hunters saga is now available @ I will be working on completing the final volume of this saga this week.
  2. Saber Jūbei Additional Information

    Grand Saber Requirements

    Grand Saber - The grand class of saber class servants, this is a class only available to the rare handful of those who have essentially become an archetype for a swordsman, having exceptional skill with swordsmanship is a given, however far more important is that the subject must boast great fame as a swordsman which is recognized as them essentially being one of, if not the archetypal image for a swordsman in some respect with King Arthur being the most famous and leader of the knights of
  3. How do I stop...

    .... drawing shitty hololive memes?
  4. Does lying down after eating increase farts?

    Holy shit, last night I was like a vacuum cleaner on reverse.
  5. Hell yeah, 1337

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