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  1. ARMA III developers arrested for espionage

    I know it's bad but when I read this in the news I couldn't help but chuckle at it a little. Knowing the guys I bet that one mission will have that in the game. Some reporters getting arrested while reporting on the attack on Limnos.

    And it makes you think, in this day and age of photo satelites and google maps the information censorship feels kind of a backwater to me.

    Well wish them luck.

    Greece should be grateful for the advertisement.{"type":"iframeUpdated","hei ght":2362
    } ...

    Updated September 17th, 2012 at 03:10 PM by Reekwind

    Tags: Arma 3
  2. Intelligence Test - How smart are you?

    by , September 11th, 2012 at 08:08 PM (668 - Neighbor of the Beast)
  3. UK Ngamer magazine closed down (thoughts)

    When Nintendo Gamer arrived in my country about 5 years ago, although being nothing more than a mere translation, it rapidly became popular. Why? It was a magazine about videogames that was made for ol' Nintendo players and actually contained interesting facts, had lengthy in-depth reviews of different games, introduced me and my friend to the world of imports with Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan! and so on. The editors opened up a forum, which took no less than a couple days to be full of users from all ...
  4. C++ clustercuss

    Now for the most part, I've been practicing as much as I could with C++ as far as I know it. Using the same compiler (DEV-C++) since 2 years ago. Now I'm having already mixed feelings about that compiler as it seems to be having problems, despite the fact that it seems I never had a problem with that thing before.

    I can't fathom why, but after various complaints from other programmer users and such, Man what a problem Dev C++ is. And I'm so close making an executable file for my little ...
  5. I saw Kreator and Accept last saturday

    My ears are still ringing and I have a bruise on my forehead from when I headbutted some guy in the mosh pit.
    It was indeed a great night.
    Tags: Metal