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  1. What are you reading/watching? AKA Anime/Manga General

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    I'm also getting caught up on Demon Slayer, having just finished episode 24, and I've got to say Zenitsu ruins every scene he is in.

    He's so shrill and obnoxious that he kills the humor he's meant to generate, and his cowardly lion/sleeping master schtick doesn't impress me. I would enjoy this series about a hundred times more if he was deleted from any given episode.
    True, but he gets way less screentime as the series progresses (along with Inosuke) so at least he's
  2. Demon Hunters Saga - At Work This August

    I decided to get started on my upcoming “Demon Hunters” saga this August. I’m sorry for troubling you with my indecisiveness, but I just need to get my writing chops back until August.
  3. My Story Station's Closed, For Now?

    My Story Station is closed until further notice. So sorry for not telling you about this earlier but my head's not in the right place for me to make stories. It's on SoulCalibur and it's been taking up too much of my attention but I have plenty of stuff to take care of until then.
  4. I forgot about this site (Again)

    I always seem to forget about this, it's like it doesn't exist or I have no memory of it until a year has passed!! Why does this keep happening? I don't know, it just does and it's bad because I don't have any other way to contact my friend Ric, he still has no FB or Twitter!! Maybe he has a Steam or Discord, dunno, I'm not getting any friend request from him.

    Wait, how do I end this blog? Just end it?(4head) aight I'm out, Ric if you're reading this the add me up already!! Oh and ...
  5. Fate/Requiem (Spoilers Thread)

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    The premise honestly sounds like a self-critical take on Fate premises taken to the extreme until you realise that expecting any kind of self-reflection out of TM is just wishful thinking.
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