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  3. Plato: Ze Girugameshu (2/2)

    4. A society of specialization and the value of the unique

    As described above, Plato’s ideal society is a stratified divided between three classes, as well as one where every individual is in his rightful place based on his natural talents. Harmony and justice are what occurs when there is no overlap in roles, no conflict between the classes, when each man has his own duty that he sets out to accomplish.

    The theory could be taken as an explanation for Gilgamesh’s ...
  4. Plato: Ze Girugameshu (1/2)

    Because I was asked to Blog it.

    1. Plato’s ideal society

    In Plato’s ideal society, justice is present when all citizens have their own place and are happy in their place, respecting those who are above them in the hierarchy and content to fulfil their duties. We’ll go over this in more details if it becomes required, but for now I’ll simply briefly present the hierarchy that Plato suggests for such a city.

    The first, most populous, class ...
  5. All aboard the hype train