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  1. What a crazy day.../Things to do for the following week and beyond.

    Well tonight was just plain awkward, only ending in a way that I didn't want happening to me but did. All I know for a fact that I know how a forum works, and regardless of what the forum is made for. Since the day Beast's Lair came back on. I just be myself as usual and just do what I like do. conversating with people, sure today I did something annoying to some people. But that was then. This is now. Even if I had the entire knowledge of Type-Moon works, I have to be patient to find a time to ...
  2. Why so girly KuKu Hulan? + Why didn't Nasu just make the grail 'disguise' the servants?

    Cu Chuliann confirmed for trap in his younger days... /off to draw.


    One thing I wonder about the Holy Grail is why it doesn't disguise the servants appearance? I'm kinda surprised Nasu didn't do it. (I thought it did do it at first...)

    It would have gave him (and/or Takeuchi) unlimited design freedom for the servants, barring important characteristics (like ...
  3. Odd Moods Lead to Ouch

    Yeah, I dunno what's up right now.

    I feel... sort of out of it? A little? I can't quite identify what it is, but I think maybe the closest thing is 'insecurity'.

    Like I can't grasp what people actually are thinking or feeling at the moment, or if I'm doing something wrong while talking to them, even though nobody's expressed any sort of direct irritation or negativity towards me (or trying to talk to them -too much- and making them sick of me, I dunno). And it hasn't really ...
  4. I'm... How old??

    It's strange. I only realised today that I'm 22 years old when I looked at my displayed age, and not 23 years old like I thought I was.

    ... Before anyone asks how this is possible, I must point towards the fact that I'm half Korean and that in Korea people's ages are +1 when compared with western systems. This is because we count from the time we are conceived, and not the time that we are actually born.

    Another reason why I got mixed up with my age is that... I really ...
    Tags: age, revelations
  5. SRoPE spoiler like hell.

    by , May 25th, 2012 at 05:34 AM (I create a world of finite somethings)
    So, yeah, spoilers for what happens. DO NOT READ FURTHER IF YOU PLAN ON READING THE SION FIC I'M WORKING ON. I'm not putting it in spoiler tags, though, because of what this is about.

    If it wasn't pretty obvious if you read my stuff, I sort of have an austere style of writing. I tend to write deliberately poetical-like, because, well, I kind of think like that. Abstractly. I'm way better at theory classes than I am with, say, grammar classes. Probably because I'm pretty self-taught ...