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  1. Long Week Is Long

    So I've started up and got a job, and it's looking pretty fine for me for the next while. However, this week's been incredibly long and hectic, what with the hoops I have to jump through when it comes to work and getting everything going for that. It's really tiring, overall, and it doesn't help that it's 1AM right now and I should be sleeping.

    But, I think the worst part of it is Leo (LeopardBear, of course) being busy due to his school stuff. I mean, I'm really proud of him for just ...
  2. One Step Forward, Two Steps Back... Wait... or Was It Vice Versa?

    Well, I finally posted another part of Lyrical Days.

    And I don't like it. Now, I normally act like this. The whole, "Woah is me, my writing sucks" spiel and all, but this time I actually have a reason for it.

    The pacing is off.

    I had put some stupid limit on how long I wanted this part to go, but rather than just write naturally, I tried to constrain myself within those limits. There are parts of this chapter that I cut out entirely (parts that are ...
  3. Sylentnight's Internship Experience Day !

    So I thought why not?

    I'll be able to record what I did exactly today at school and do some blog stuff for no reason.

    So my internship is with my school's 'Outreach program'. Outreach Program is where student ambassador's give tours to people visiting the school and then there will be a meeting with some of the staff talking about how the school system works and then the visitor's are free to tour the campus.

    I'll be working with two mentor's for the next four ...
  4. Nostalgia kick

    by , May 24th, 2012 at 04:39 PM (The Dark Side of the Moon (Kieran's Works))
    Next Fic Planned to be Updated: Beast of the Moon

    Pages Complete: 2.6 (approx. 26%)

    Expected Upload Date: Saturday or Sunday

    I've been watching a lot of things that were popular when I was a kid, lately - Johnny Carson, the movie version of Clue . . . Stuff I was too young to watch at the time, and wow, do I feel old when I realise just how long ago it was. I realise that some of the stuff I did like back then is back again (He-Man, ...
  5. Moderation and the lack of thought therein

    OK, so, as some people might have noticed, I am not happy with the mods.

    The root cause, ultimately, is the warning I got a few days back. In itself, that wouldn't be that much of a worry. It's a warning, it'll be gone in a couple of weeks, and I need to get two more before I get any real sanctions. But, the reasoning behind it is far more disturbing, as is the response I have got (or, rather, not got) from the mods.

    The reasoning given is that they're now "cracking ...

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