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  1. Grand saber

    "Did you know that there are three types of swordsmen, those who fight through overwhelming skill, those who fight through overwhelming strength and those who fight through overwhelming divinity"

    The title of grand saber is relegated to those swordsmen who are so famous that they embody the very archetype of what a swordsman could be. There are three types of swordsmen, the lone master, the cunning hero and the holy king. Those off course correlate to miyamoto musashi, hercules ...
  2. Fate/Lost Einherjar - just a brief read

    I finally got the full novel and since I know that I'll be translating it for myself while reading anyway, I thought I'd also share what I translated. I'm publishing it as a blog so it's easier to delete later if I screw something up. Do keep in mind that I'm an amateur though.

    First 4 pages of chapter 1
    Chapter 1: A subspecific Holy Grail War

    【Observation Target/Change】
    【Compilation Continuum Restoration/Observation Continuation/21st Century】
  3. Y'all Ever Wonder What Lostbelt Cuisine Would Taste Like?

  4. Just watched Darling in the Franxx

    I remember seeing a lot of hate for this series sometime pre-2020.

    Honestly, I don't get why. DF has some of the best examples of good animation I've seen in some of the most unexpected places (for example: Zero Two's suppressed laugh in the first episode), it had a good soundtrack, and its story wasn't bad at all.

    Why did people dislike it?

    P.S. WE ARE LIVING IN THE 20s WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  5. Fate/Samurai Remnant

    Quote Originally Posted by Comun View Post
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    This doesn't seem to be on even the Japanese site, let alone the English one.
    Famitsu being Famitsu: their proper article text is entirely copypasted from the game's official website but their image descriptions are information that haven't gone public anywhere else yet.