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  1. Destructive Criticism and Incessant Whining - #1 "Who the hell do you think I-" OKAY WE GET IT (Mature Language Advisory)

    It seems that Ole' Hazama has to finally buckle his belt on tight decide to stop messing around like an idiot. It's time for what I like to cal' "DESTRUCTIVE CRITICISM".

    Today's Topic is:

    "Why Every Character doesn't need to be Simon the fucking digger."

    In Today's World, it seems that we are getting more and more used to the idea of having to become a badass in some way. Children, let me tell you something.

    There are many ...
  2. Inconsistant Mike1984 blog posting.

    Over the last week, Mike made 3 separate entries in his blog about warnings from mods on the internet. I was warned twice yesterday in a 2 hour period, and yet mike did not even make the SLIGHTEST mention of it in his blog. I would like to complain about his lack of complaint on my behalf.

    To the mods: I am VERY disappointed in your lack of blog entries reflecting the lack of a blog entry from 1984Mike in my defense.
  3. Yet more inconsistent moderation

    OK, so why is this not worthy of a warning (calling someone a "huge, dripping cunt"), and yet what I did is?

    If the mods want to be stupidly authoritarian and crack down on stupid things, then I guess I can't really do much about it, but I'd at least expect them to be consistent. I see no mitigating factors there that do not also apply to me.
  4. Games, games everywhere! And not an hour to play them.

    Found an interesting site that reveals plenty of information about Steam accounts. For example:
    • Going by games plus DLC owned, I have the 365th biggest Steam games list in the world. Change it to US-only and I'm in the top 100 (#87).
    • Out of the 523 actual games I own, I've yet to play 510 of them. Feel free to guess why. It starts with "W" and ends with "K", and it's not "walk," "wink" or "wank."
    • My account is old as shit. It dates back
  5. Finally going to Busch Gardens.

    Leon here with another blog

    With all BS aside from yesterday, which I'm never bringing up again considering that nothing's changed much and I did do some "questionable stuff" which I want to blame the heat for.

    Now I'm going to go to my favorite Theme park, Busch Gardens.
    Several attractions and rides. Not the mention the entire park has a piece of various countries all over the world, almost makes it feel that the world just finally got together and created ...