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  1. Fate/ Is Dead, Read Revalkyrie Instead

    I know 'I'm announcing my departure' posts can often backfire, but here goes:

    I wanted to announce here that I'm leaving Type-Moon behind, as while I'm interested in myth, history, and classic literature, I have to confess that I'm not a Fate/ series fan nor do I want to keep pretending I am

    However, since I don't want all those sheets I wrote to go to waste, I will be continuing to write my own stories involving legendary and public domain characters, the first of which ...
  2. My Servants!

    Quote Originally Posted by Osrio View Post

    art source
    -Saber of Permafrost-

    "Servant Saber has answered your summons, my beloved...~ Hrm? That's not right? Oh come now, don't be silly~ Now let us ride, darling, the Grail awaits us~"

    Class Name: Saber
    Other Classes: Rider, Caster, Berserker(?)
    True Name: Sophie of Anhalt-Zerbst, better known as Catherine the Great.
    Alignment: Lawful Evil
  3. Demon Hunters DX - Volume 5 Complete!

    Completed Volume 5 of my Demon Hunters DX saga. Itís now open @

    Iím taking a weekly break from this saga.
  4. Servants Workshop

    Doing Lamorak the Knight of Rage

    General Information
    True Name: Lamorak
    Class: Lancer
    Origin: Arthurian Mythology
    Alignment: Lawful-Good
    Likes: Jousting, Loyalty
    Dislikes: Treachery
    Natural Talents: Mounted Combat and Overcoming the Odds
    Natural Enemy: Gawain, Gaheris, Mordred, and Agravain.
    Alternate Class: Berserker

    Strength: B ...

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  5. Velvet Throne - My Compendium of Servants

    At the time of creating this list, I haven't made thaf many Servants. However, I figured I might as well get started in listing what I did so that I won't have so mamy sheets of mine to track down.

    Also temp formatting as I decide on how to stylize this.



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