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  1. Rider of Contracts

    Quote Originally Posted by Areop-Enap View Post
    apologies about the grammar this my first sheet

    center person is face clam
    Sex male potently hermaphrodite
    alignment lawful evil
    Attribute Earth

    voice actor Kunito Watanabe
    do to being summoned under the rider class his written works have a higher effect on his mental

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  2. Anyone with any knowledge of obscure Arthuriana over here?

    I'm... currently at work on a sheet, from something gleaned from a blurb of a suitably obscure Matter of Britain fiction concerning Mordred. It posits character relationships (and relationship breakups) that may be a bit OOC even for Fate, and as that work seems to be absent even from the Internet, I thought it next best to consult the opinion of someone well-versed in the byways of obscure Arthurian lore.

    So... hit me up with a PM or something? If nothing else, I'll read it at least ...
  3. Drawing low quality porn every week....

    Maybe one day I'll level up into high quality porn.
  4. 霊子のセツメイ


    • In an "unbalanced world" exist two entities that can be described as "inordinately mysterious", called [霊子]/Spiriton (Spiritual Factor) and [幽子]/Obscurion(?) (Astral Factor).

    • An obscurion is not found in [physical/real] space within which we dictate all matter exists, but exists in another type of space we call "interior space". Conceptually, it is a particle-like substance, but it does not have a concrete definition,
  5. Servant Attempt List

    Who knew creating Servants would be so hard? (A rhetorical question, I assure you.) There's all manner of factors to juggle with, from recontextualizing history, myth, and anecdote, to determining rankings for parameters, Skills, and Noble Phantasms, to imagining the Skills and Noble Phantasms, to actually naming them, to putting them in the context of the wstablished rules and lore of the Nasuverse.

    Hopefully actually cataloguing them would finally give me that bolt of inspiration ...