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  1. Create your own Servant From Myth/Anime/Comics/Games/TV/Etc.

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    Okay, that was a lame example I admit. I really can't explain what I'm trying to go with here, I'll show a quick sheet of one of the Servants here: It's not done 100% mind you.

    Name: Link (Saber class only so far)

    Str: B
    End: C+
    Mag: E
    Agi: B
    Lck: D
    NP: B



    Bravery (A): Using the Tri-Force, the user enhances their endurance. If one is not a hero, this skill gains one the
  2. Beast's Lair, I choose you!

    Hey guys!

    Long time no see, right?

    For those of you who remember me, I'm sure my return is an uplifting and energizing event!

    But for those of you who don't know me ... I have prepared an introduction.

    I am Theocrass.

    The crass theocrat.

    The joker, the non-weed smoker, the guy who doesn't know how to play poker.

    The meanest, the keenest, the baddest you've ever seen-est!

    A mod, a space cowboy, ...
  3. New Beast's Lair Official Pairing

    Well, after some emotional events, I'm now officially in a relationship with that lovely British girl with the alluring voice, EXiku! We're taking this just one day at a time, but I can't help but be happy, of course!

    We've been chatting almost daily over the last three months or so, and more recently over Skype with voice chat... and then one thing led to another, and I told her about dokidoki feelings and it all tumbled from there. And now here we are, tentatively in a relationship! ...
  4. Bakemonogatari and my feelings towards it

    It certainly was one of the most captivating interconnected storyline so far.

    What stood out most was how it felt like we were watching from the Main character's POV while at the same time 3rd person.

    What's more is how I can relate to many of the things that make up the character we know as Koyomi and how he acts and thinks. I could make a list of how many things are close or resemble things I say and do and even think to the point I feel like an expy.


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  5. Cockroaches


    Must I say, I do not fear cockroaches. My mother on the other hand is terrified of them.
    I, however, can't kill cockroaches by stomping on them, only with inseticide (I hate the cracking sound they make when smashed).

    Guess what just happened? A flying cockroach (the most annoying kind of them) just appeared flying around the living room. And we had no inseticide. My mom was panicking and clinging to me while I tried to hit the damn insect using a broom. I never ...