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  1. ideas for Nasuverse Mythology

    One of my hobbies and biggest interests are gods, one may say mythology in general, but i never really cared about the stories of herakles, cu chulainn and co. I was fascinated by the gods and their stories.
    My first servants I actually drafted were gods and when i started to use this forum i found the lovecraft mythos for myself and try to complete sheets on the entities i think are the most appealing to me. Regardless my original goal was to craft a story that Nasu may not tell, he may not ...

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  2. saavanto graveyard

    blog design is my passion

    in chronological order* of poasting;
    *verification needed

    Avenger - Marx (Santa)
    Archer - Stalin
    Rider - Hesperides
    Classless - Marx
    Saber - Khalid ibn Walid
    Beast - Elpis
    Berserker - Kierkegaard
    Rider - Gagarin
    Caster - Pramodhawardhani
    Lancer - Hodr
    Watcher - Sword of Damocles
    Rider - Naamah
    Caster - Azophi
    Rider - Black Rider
    Ruler - Saint Louis
    Lancer ...

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  3. The awakening of Dullahan vindictus idea

  4. Analysis of the Animusphere chant

    note1: I think this might have been adressed already somewhere, but I want to make my own take on it while also having a link to share it so. So if there is one already, than have one more I guess.
    note2:I recommend leaving this playing while reading this

    So, regarding Fate/Grand Order, there's something that I don't see having much commentary that I think people should pay not only attention, but also have a more "linguistic" ...

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  5. A Break From Writing Stories

    I'm taking a two year break from making stories. As far as my health and many other things are right now, I really need some time off writing stories for the time being. Hopefully, I'll return in November 2022. So until then, just wait; so sorry for the inconvenience.

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