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  1. LJ3's Avatar

    Still here
  2. Ratman's Avatar
    Saw a DEEN Stay Night AMV on a con in 2006 or 7 and figured I might as well watch the show, then got pointed to Tsukihime from 4chan.
  3. Leftovers's Avatar
    Saw some dude with an Archer avatar on a fanfiction site and asked him where it's from. Then watched KnK 1 because it looked like a cooler and more mature anime. Searched for KnK info and instead found love.

    Boys' Love.
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    Can't work from the shitter?
  5. Strange_One's Avatar
    Being curious I decided to look up. Wow. Anything is a battleground for these people.

    The holo live thing. Not your shit.
  6. Ratman's Avatar
    I'm going to pin it on the Taiwan thing. This is conjecture based on the 3D modelling comment.

    but hey if you want to be a vtuber, you got the naughty part down