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    Why does this hit me hard
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    It's really cool that you liked my sheet so much.
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    I decided to uplift my two-year break from writing stories, but so many things have to happen. First and foremost, I have to find work!
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    Quote Originally Posted by RoydGolden
    Out of curiosity, do the particular colors here signify anything?
    My personal thoughts on their FGO rarity, I suppose. It's also slightly influenced by my own feelings towards them; I feel relatively satisfied with most of the gold ones, and some (not all) of the bronze Servants... not so much.
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    Out of curiosity, do the particular colors here signify anything?
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    Utsumi Erice
    Utsumi Erice

    A Japan from a near future, after the conclusion of a Holy Grail War.
    In its mosaic city "Akihabara", this 14 years-old girl served as a night watchwoman (night watch).
    Due to her relentless work style when hunting Servants, she ended up being shunned while fearfully called "Grim Reaper".

    In a future history different from the one Chaldea is proceeding to, she threw herself into a Holy Grail War along with Voyager - the last Servant to be summoned in that world. Not even she herself knows its conclusion.

    She has been possessed by evil spirits referred as "haunts"(1) since her early childhood.
    That spiritual wound manifests itself as a pseudo-material that oozes out from her body surface like a black mucus.
    Although said spiritual wound gets aggravated from time to time, she got used to dealing with it and even became able to employ it at will - to the point of calling herself a "demon lord (Erlkonig)".
    In exchange for also being effective as a supernatural sense that perceives signs of death and bloodlust, the haunts constantly demand sacrifices, eating into Erice's own body if not satisfied.

    A person who prioritizes efficiency. She prefers simple and sturdy things, tools and garments that are both practical and functional.
    As for food, she likes spicy meals and those full of nutritional value.
    She couldn't care less about flavor.
    Bearing certain prejudice against magi, she regards herself as a "spellcaster", but well...

    She is very knowledgeable about Heroic Spirits from all times and places.
    Spends her spare time mostly scanning over books and video documents related to Heroic Spirits. Despite capitilizing on said knowledge to ruthlessly deal with them as a "Grim Reaper", she respects the career those Servants built in their previous lifetime, displaying a deep reverence for them. Above all, she admires voyagers and adventurers who discovered unknown worlds.
    "Not really... they were quite common in the mosaic city..."
    Although pretending to be calm in such a manner, it actually seems that she is secretly quite excited about the everyday life in Chaldea, to the point of blood rushing to her head and producing nosebleeds.

    Height/Weight: 158cm・48kg
    Source: Fate/Requiem
    Region: Japan・mosaic cities "Akihabara", "Shinjuku"
    Alignment: Lawful Neutral
    Gender: Female
    Her senses of taste and fashion were inherited from her teacher.

    Wicked Spirit Medium: A
    Erice becomes possessed by the wicked spirits that lurk in her blood vessels and employs them as a weapon of particular efficacy against spiritual bodies.

    The Freeshooter (Counterfeit): B
    A magical knockoff by which the bullets of the devil Samuel from Bohemian folklore are minted, reproduced.

    Grim Reaper: B
    A deep-rooted delusion towards hunting Servants that deviated from the norm and went on a rampage.
    Extensive knowledge regarding Heroic Spirits and anti-heroes.


    Ame no Sakahoko
    Type: Anti-Spirit
    Range: 1~14
    Maximum Targets: 1000 people
    An ominous ritual that inversely reproduces the "nation birth" performed by the great gods Izanagi and Izanami.
    Having inherited the power of a netherworld deity, Erice obtained this original magecraft upon becoming a Pseudo-Servant.
    By using a replica of the divine ritual tool, "Ame no Nuboko", she churns space-time, performs estimate calculations of its framework and sends all structures/mass/meaning/bonds within the targeted space back to the primordial chaos.
    In case a Servant is designated as a targets, the structure of his Saint Graph will be severed, liquidated. A Hades return that reverses entropy.

    (1) the original Japanese term has no direct translation in English. This was the closest approximation that I could find.

    Artoria Pendragon (Caster)
    Artoria Pendragon (Caster)

    A prophecized child, chosen along with the "Staff of Selection".
    These are her "spare time", "en route" and "interval" figures, from before she reaches Camelot.

    "Hoorayyy, it is finally my turn!
    Caster Artoria.
    I shall do my best within the scope of my powers!

    An splendidly pure and energetic girl.
    A sore loser who is strong in face of adversity, due to cherishing the surrounding mood above all else, she hides her true feelings without telling anyone - just like any ordinary young girl.
    Spending her time doing nothing but studying magecraft, she is a practical researcher who runs around the fields just like a young boy.

    When her Saint Graph reaches its third stage, she becomes able to employ a great number of treasured swords and magic catalysts.
    Such as the Carnwennan of Shadow Step, Spumador of the Lightning, and the mythological formal wear Marmyadose.
    The giant staff that Artoria wields in the third stage of her Saint Graph is the great sword that was supposedly forged by a god of fire and then bestowed to a great hero. Said to surpass Excalibur in terms of might alone, allegedly there was even a time when King Arthur lent Excalibur to Gawain and used this great sword instead.

    An Artoria who was summoned to Chaldea slightly before everybody else.
    Rather than "a hero and a magus", her relationship with the Master is that of "reliable friends" instead.

    Opening her eyes wide upon seeing the King of Knights Artoria, getting depressed upon seeing the tyrant Artoria and smiling cheerfully and thinking "I'm so jealous!" from the bottom of her heart upon being the swimsuit Artoria. She is such Artoria.

    Height/Weight: 154cm・42kg
    Source: Arthurian Legends, Fate/Grand Order
    Region: Tintagel of the Sea Roar
    Alignment: Neutral Good
    Gender: Female

    Charisma of Hope: B
    Having been raised and travelled as a prophecized child, she is endowed with the charisma to make people place their hopes and rely on her.
    Its effects are close to the "dream-like increase of fighting spirit" that the magus Merlin display.

    Protection of the Lake: A
    A divine protection from the fairies of the lake.
    A blessing (or maybe covenant) bestowed to the prophecized child.

    Sword of Selection: EX
    A skill that denotes the way of being that she (who was chosen along with the Staff of Selection) will ultimately arrive at.


    Around Caliburn - The Ray of Hope that Embraces You
    Type: Anti-Army
    Range: 0~50
    Maximum Targets: 100 people
    Artoria's mental world, which has been released by the "Staff of Selection". The toll of a bell that can be heard from paradise, which protects and strengthens those who fight together with her.
    Even if she herself does not know the roots of that name.

    Sesshouin Kiara (Swimsuit)
    Sesshouin Kiara (Swimsuit)

    A mysterious beauty who claims to be the Pseudo-Servant of Yaobikuni, the legendary Buddhist nun who became immortal by eating a "mermaid's flesh"---
    Other than this, nothing else is known about her.

    "Ha ha ha. Swimsuit Saint Graphs look quite fun, right?"

    Sesshouin Kiara does not change even after turning into Yaobikuni.
    "I am the only human in this world.
    There is no difference in the good and the evil of insects. No matter what they might be, I shall simply pity, comfort and love them---
    That being said, this "love" is nothing but something to please Kiara herself. Even if that great love was a salvation for the concerned person, in the eyes of a third party, it would look no more than a hell where you are being toyed around with.
    A bewitching existence that employs the talents of a "messiah" only for the sake of her own pleasure... that is who Sesshouin Kiara is.

    Maybe something happened this time, for she is just a little bit more concerned with the attention from the surroundings than usual.
    It might be that the way of being as Yaobikuni has bestowed her with some amount of "self-restraint", even if just a little.

    ・First Ascension
    As her first swimsuit, first summer event, Kiara has upped in both purity and gracefulness when compared to her usual self.
    There is also a certain levity in her feelings, as she is secretly in high spirits for going in a summer vacation, something she wasn't able to in her youth.
    ...consequentially, this causes a fearsome bug(1) in which she looks as nothing but "an elegant (and sometimes girlishly cute) young lady that he met on a summer resort" in the eyes of the Master.

    ・Second Ascension
    A (self-styled) magical girl that Lily transformed into by using her compact.
    She becomes slightly more sadistic and cruel than the usual Kiara. A dreadful police queen(2) that mercilessly tortures the weak points of slovenly pigs, masochists pigs that reap what they sow (regardless of being men or woman), causing them to become even more hopeless.
    Why things turned out like this? The darkness that Lily carries is truly deep.

    ・Third Ascension
    The same old Kiara... or so it seems; but due the effects of her long-awaited Little Mermaid cosplay and a strong "Lawful" attribute in this instance, her wickedness was temperated and her cleanliness became more apparent.
    How exactly would that writer of fairy-tales criticize her over the fact that her character as a "bodhisattva full of compassion" comes out more when she is fused with a monster?

    Sesshouin Kiara obtained a Swimsuit Saint Graph out of casually thinking "Swimsuit Saint Graphs look quite fun, right?"
    Sensing the abnormality that occurred at the lake, she performed an independent manifestation almost as if going on a excursion, ended up being assaulted by Xu Fu's immortal-slaying mask and disappeared... or so it seemed, but Xu Fu's attack wasn't able to annihilate her due to it being of the instant kill-type (thanks to Independent Manifestation, she has resistance against instant kills), so she was reborn in the Mariana Trench where she was once defeated.
    There she found a clam fossil and fused with it by gobbling it up.
    On her way back to the surface, she ran across a swarm of mermaids in the depths of the sea and decided to also take in the attributes of a mermaid while she was at it. A High Servant who was reborn in the shape of a young girl by virtue of the good-for-nothing notion of "since I will be reborn anyway, let's try to start over from infancy!"

    Kiara became a Lily mostly because it seemed fun, but that was also a means to deceive Xu Fu.
    Her girlish (Lily) state was setup under the basis of having lost her memories, not even knowing her own name.
    Due to that, Lily believed herself to be a Pseudo-Servant of Yaobikuni.

    Having returned to the lake in order to even the scores with Xu Fu, Kiara concealed her identity and ended up remaking the rules of the death game into an enjoyable environment for herself.
    When the fake Master (Xu Fu) from the lakeside Mt. B said "let's solve this situation", that meant "not exposing the truth of the lakeside, but rather exposing the identity of the individual who usurped Mt. B".

    When she was Lily, she truly attempted to become of assistance to the Master, even using the magic compact (seashell) when he was in a predicament to transform into Kiara Police (the Second Ascension of her Saint Graph) and defeat evil.
    However, turning into Kiara Police caused her to assess the entire situation, so she changed back to Lily due thinking that "it wouldn't be fun if the trick's secret was disclosed this early".

    Height/Weight: 166cm・53kg?
    Source: Mermaid legends, Konjaku Hyakki Shuui , "Deep Sea Virtual Paradise SE.RA.PH."
    Region: Japan, some seabed
    Alignment: Lawful Evil
    Gender: Female
    At this instance, she has prepared even further variations.
    "It is summer after all, so just a swimsuit would be boring, right?
    We need at least this much of a surprise, don't you agree?
    She is completely enjoying herself.

    Spirit World Creation: EX
    As a result of absorbing a certain apparition, she can produce a netherworld over the present world.

    Logos Eater: D
    A special trait as a Pleasure Deva. An ideology that treats intelligent lifeforms as toys. It received a Rank DOWN when compared to the usual Kiara.

    Divine Power (Ink): B
    Was she jealous, or maybe just self-conscious?
    She originally had an ordinary Divine Power, but it seems that she ended up imitating Katsushika Hokusai (Saber) upon seeing her cheeky and fashionable variation.

    Mermaid's Flesh: EX
    It has been said that those who eat a mermaid's flesh become immortal.
    In Japan, mermaids are conveyed as mere "fish in human shape", possessing no intelligence and incapable of understanding human speech.
    In other words, they have no soul.
    Since eating souless fish does not constitute as killing, it does not harm the girl's vows at all.
    ...even if, the number of mermaids she has eaten is equivalent to an entire swarm.

    This is a digression, in work of a certain writer of fairytales, mermaids still don't have a soul even though they endowed with intelect.


    Nirmanarati・Heaven's Foam - Kerakuten・Hamaguri Mandara(3)
    Rank: A
    Type: Anti-World
    Range: 1~333
    Maximum Targets: 1000 people
    When she turned into a bewitching bodhisattva, Sesshouin Kiara placed mankind on top of her palm and toyed with them. This Noble Phantasm is a variation of that.
    Although her Saint Graph does not reach the level of a bodhisattva, she can produce a spirit world over a wide range due to having devoured the largest class of divine beast that creates illusions - the clam.
    In simple terms, the great devil's sea Sesshouin.
    The "illusionary capital" displayed by the clam absorbs the targets and deprave them by getting rid of the boundaries between reality and illusion...
    In other words, the moment they feel like "even if it is an illusion, it is fine so long I am fulfilled", they will be converted(4) (put on the same existential rank as the illusions) and cease to be living beings from reality.
    Afterwards, Kiara will smile kindly - as if to say that it can't be helped that such trash-like illusions exist - and blow the people of the illusionary capital away with a sigh, causing them to vanish.

    Also, nirmanarati is a term that refers to a "world" instead of a "god". The bodhisattva that devoured a clam became a paradise of the desire realm, just as that name indicates.

    In ancient China and Japan, the clam is regarded as a divine beast that is the source for the illusions that occur in the surface (shinkirou). A giant clam (Orient clam) that lives in the bottom of the ocean, its sigh (bubbles) was said to reach the surface and become the shinkirou.
    The 'rou'(5) of shinkirou refers to a multistoried building; a picture book from the Sesshouin library painted it as "a castle much like a red light district that appears in the surface, leading people astray in its illusionary capital・illusionary pleasure - sowaka sowaka"

    (1) as in 'computer bug'

    (2) it goes without saying, but rather than true royalty, we're talking about the one from SM plays here...

    (3) rough translation: "Heavens of Enjoying Emanations, Orient Clam Mandala"

    (4) as in religious conversion

    (5) 楼, tower

    Illyasviel (swimsuit)
    Illyasviel (swimsuit)

    "Even a magical girl wants to play around!"

    Throwing off her own identity, this magical girl bided her time to turn into a mere elementary school student at this summer.
    Her tension is higher than usual, and both her IQ and luck continue to decline.
    In short, this is Illya in her comedy mode.
    Despite mostly ending up experiencing something unpleasant, she will probably scatter smiles and tears without being discouraged this time around as well.

    Ruby has currently switched to its "splash mode", in the form of a hose and nozzle.
    But even if its appearance changed, the troublesomeness to wilfully fly about and disturb the surroundings is still the same as ever.

    Also, they left the Cards in their private room.

    On that day, Illya suddenly realized:

    "So long I remain in Chaldea, wouldn't this be like an eternal summer vacation...?"

    Illya is the type to properly make plans and finish her homework within the first half of the summer vacation, but that always caused her to have nothing else to do during the latter half.
    And now, she is in a situation where said latter half has been extended to infinitely stupid levels.

    "It should be fine for me to start playing now, right...?
    What about my swimsuit...?

    A desire of unknown cause to behave as it pleases her increases day by day.
    Come to think of it, every year a portion of Servants become somewhat feebleminded whenever summer comes around.

    Miyu's opinion was "maybe it is some kind of endemic disease".
    That is a pretty scary thought.
    According to Kuro "the symptoms are more severe on those who are usually diligent people".
    Stop trying to intimidate others.
    And then Ruby said "as a precaution, I am giving you a vaccine shot".
    Wow, in that case everything will be fine.

    "-wait, Ruby?! What is that!
    My body...!
    My Saint Graph... will turn into summer...!

    And thus, the young girl was transformed into a Swimsuit Saint Graph.

    Circumstances aside, Illya had her mind and body dyed in the summer colors and began regarding "wholeheartedly playing to exhaustion during the summer vacation" as a supreme notion.
    No matter where you take her, she will gladly play around.

    Incidentally, other than her reasoning, it seems that the restraint of her appetite also got loose and she will randomly start talking about food.
    She can basically eat anything. Food is delicious.
    She is not fat. This is a healthy growth.
    "...I said that I'm not fat!"

    Illya performed the indispensable role for any horror movie - a screaming personnel.
    Let her rest her throat and heart for a while.
    After taking a nap, she will probably be energetically flying about once again.
    An elementary schooler is invincible during summer after all.

    Making many memories during this summer.
    Putting it bluntly, Illya's wish at this instance can be summed to just that.
    In that case, it was fulfilled more than enough.
    The days that she spent together with everyone on that lake probably will remain forever in her heart as vivid summer memory.

    "Though I want to forget about that vivid color of blood as soon as possible..."

    Probably will remain forever in her heart.

    Height/Weight: 133cm・29.5kg
    Source: Fate/kaleid liner Prima☆Illya
    Region: Japan・Fuyuki City
    Alignment: Neutral Summer
    Gender: Female
    She has grown a little more fa... no, developed.

    High Pressure!: A
    A skill that increases the hydraulic pressure within the hose, raising the force of water discharge.
    Incidentally, although we're calling it "water", it is actually magical energy that Ruby processed into something that is somewhat more summer-like. Also, it seems that what comes out of the nozzle changes from time to time.

    Summer Vacation (Child): A+
    An elementary schooler is invincible during summer.
    They can do anything (or so they think) and they have infinite time (or so they think).

    Legal Shower: B++
    Replenishing the herb extract (deadly poison) that was carefully produced by Ruby.
    Skin contact is a matter of course, but its effects can also be displayed just by inhaling its volatilized components.

    "However, thanks to a high-level selective toxicity, not only it is harmless to Illya but there is also the bonus of increasing her concentration powers a little!"

    Its components are something that would cause aversion even on a hydra, but it seems to be completely harmless, so her parents can rest at peace.


    Prisma☆Splash Rainbow - Oh Young Girl, Become a Rainbow
    Type: Anti-Army
    Range: 10~50
    Maximum Targets: 30 people
    The summer vacation of 5th year elementary school, which only comes by once in a lifetime.
    ...this is the summer enlightening achieved by Illya thanks to having said vacation extended for many years.

    Everything in this world has an ending.
    From the moment something begins, the countdown towards its ending has also started.
    The treasures obtained, the emotions felt at those moments, the precious memories - all that will surely end up disappearing one day.
    But even if you try to stop the hands of the clock out of fear of loss, the treasures you hold in your hands will only grow dull.
    That is why we cannot stop on our tracks.
    We move on towards the future, all while still losing, putting an end to something.
    The old treasures that we leave behind will surely turn into constellations, and the trails of our progress turn into a rainbow that color the sky...

    ...or something along those lines. She ended up obtaining something akin to an important life lesson like that. I would prefer that she came to understand this on a more serious story.
    In any case, Illya turns things such as summer memories, her bonds with everyone, and etc. into power to convert herself into "Prisma☆Illya Splash Rainbow!"
    The resolve to put an end to the summer vacation summons the Illyas from different timelines, who then become a light bullet endowed with seven times the normal temporal density and break apart stagnant things.

    Let's work hard starting the new school term.

    Brynhildr (Swimsuit)
    Brynhildr (Swimsuit)

    During the visit to that midsummer lake shore...
    She forcibly modified her Saint Graph by means of her own Original Runes!
    She and the great hero Sigurd behave like a couple madly in love - intimately, innocently and gentle to the point that makes the instability of her usual Saint Graph seem unbelievable - but...

    A scream that resounds in the night.
    Sigurd is down on a pool of blood.
    And Brynhildr is basked in blood herself.
    What could possibly have happened...?!

    Sigurd stubbornly does not speak about the identity of the criminal (he stands up no matter how many times it takes).
    Brynhildr is nothing but flustered.
    And in her hand is a bloodstained, new Noble Phantasm.
    What could possibly have happened...?!

    She is mostly the same as the normal (Lancer) Brynhildr.
    Quiet and devoted.
    However, unlike usual, her affections towards her beloved Sigurd have been completely unleashed.
    Rejoicing love without any scruples, she intends to enjoy this vacation on a midsummer lake shore.
    Surprisingly, she does not say dangerous lines such as "I will kill you" or "I am going to kill you now, okay?"
    It almost looks like this Saint Graph has completely sealed away her automatic murderous impulses towards her "beloved one (Sigurd)".

    The truth is the following.
    Thanks to a forceful adjustment of her Saint Graph by means of overlapping Original Runes, she is able to harmoniously spend time with her beloved Sigurd during the day. But once nighttime comes, a murderous intent that is much greater than the one from her normal Saint Graph swells out of Brynhildr... causing her to kill him.
    Sigurd has been brazenly receiving this every night.

    Sigurd originally suggested this Saint Graph based on Brynhildr's wishes (that of "even if just a few days, I want to spend some time with you without being tempted by my murderous intents"), but her murderous intent (love) ended up becoming inflated by the repeated contacts with Sigurd as a result and she had the bitter experience of going into a rampage for a while.
    Although her rampage was suppressed by the combined efforts of Sigurd and the Master...
    In any event, this loving pair cannot remain together forever.
    This is but a transient Saint Graph, which lasts only a single summer.

    "You're adorable in this Saint Graph too. But, as expected, it is your usual self that I love the most."

    Supposedly, Sigurd said such a thing at the end of that summer.

    Receiving such words from her beloved, Brynhildr smiled.
    And while smiling, she cried ever so slightly.

    Height/Weight: 172cm・52kg
    Source: Norse mythology
    Region: Europe
    Alignment: Neutral Good
    Gender: Female
    If asked, she will surely answer that she is happy.

    Mad Enhancement: D-
    Although her Saint Graph changed into that of a Berserker, the rank of the Mad Enhancement skill that she was assigned is low.
    Reaching a mutual understanding by means of words is possible.

    Swan Formal Wear (Summer): A+
    A white bikini.
    No. This is indeed the Svanhvit - the garments of a battle-maiden that conquer the skies - which has been reshaped into something befitting the midsummer lake shore. It is endowed with flight capabilities.

    Wisdom of the Midsummer: B
    The crystallization of the wisdom of the gods, who know almost everything there is to know about summer.
    A pair of glasses that she made together with Sigurd.

    Summer Time Lovers: EX
    "I will end up killing Sigurd... my beloved."
    Even if she cannot change her established foundation as a Heroic Spirit, until the tragic moment that is yet to come (that is, "until nighttime"), Summer Brynhildr can behave innocently like a young girl that knows nothing, enjoying her rendezvous with Sigurd.
    This is also a unique skill that applied the Original Runes.


    Brynhildr Sigurtein - At Least, Until the Instant of Death
    Type: Anti-Unit/Anti-Army
    Range: 1~50
    Maximum Targets: 1 person/50 people
    After Heroic Spirit Brynhildr has temporarily summoned・materialized a blue and transparent giant sword, Heroic Spirit Sigurd swings it downward, butchering the opponent.
    An instantaneous combination attack/combination Noble Phantasm.

    Summoning of a large-sized weapon that Brynhildr cannot wield by herself, and wielding a large-sized weapon that Sigurd cannot summon by himself.
    The summoned giant sword is an imitation of the divine sword that the great god Odin bestowed to the war god of old, Tyr - produced by Brynhildr herself through the effects of the Original Runes. Although just a replica, it is endowed with a destructive power befitting a weapon of god.

    Yu Meiren (Swimsuit)
    Yu Meiren (Swimsuit)

    "A summer resort! A vacation with Lord Xiang Yu!"
    You Meiren had thus transformed her Saint Graph into a swimsuit by means of pure enthusiasm, but Xiang Yu had to remain in Chaldea due to unavoidable circumstances.
    -First Chapter, Closure-

    That being said. Although Yu Meiren's ambitions fell apart, the investigation of the singularity had not been completed.
    Holding onto the single spear that was leant by the mechanical general, Xiang Yu (which was meant to serve as precaution against the "evils of summer" that he had calculated), that extraordinary beauty gorgeously, glamorously departed to the frontlines of the summer singularity.
    -Second Chapter, Closure-

    Yu Meiren came to know that the "evils(1) of summer" mentioned by Xiang Yu was a term that included nuances such as "summer temptations", "a summer fever towards flirting".
    "You mean... that he was worried other men would flirt with me?!"
    This conversely caused her to feel his love and become excited.
    After that, all that was left was a Yu Meiren who was a little more inflamed by Xiang Yu's love, and a little more merciless towards flirtatious men.
    -Yu Meiren's Summer, Fin-

    She is mostly the same as the normal Yu Meiren, but somewhat more enthusiastic due being lent Xiang Yu's spear.
    Also, since she is feeling her connection to Xiang Yu a little more strongly than usual, while her overall misanthropy remains mostly the same, her lack of tolerance towards flirtatious men that try to coax her in special is all the more greater. Playboys ought to perish.
    This will be invoked against those who (she arbitrarily feels that) leer at her, even if they don't actually try to flirt.
    In other words, there is a chance that a spear will come flying your way just by looking at her swimsuit-clad silhouette. Her argument is that: "it can't be helped, as I have to preserve my chastity to Lord Xiang Yu".

    'Both me and her held on to a single wish for a long time.'

    'I had halfway resigned myself that it was impossible, yet wandered for eternity due being unable to fully give up on it.
    She vowed to fulfill it almost as if cursing herself, and thus assembled eternity as her own blood.'

    'To set foot into the realm of eternity just for the sake of such wish; I couldn't help but think of if as both foolish and futile.
    Still... regardless of whether it was foolish or wise, I understood that she probably would be unable to stop once she got started.
    Because that pure, honestly simple way of being was just like trees that survive by entrusting just a single wish to their seeds.
    Regardless of meaning, regardless of good and evil, those are things that end up lasting.'

    'So I do not hate her. Nor do I have contempt for her.
    I can only sigh in exasperation.'

    'In short.
    I cannot fulfil her wishes, but...
    Her existence itself.'

    "...well, I don't particularly hate her.
    Though I think that she could change the manner how she addresses me.

    Height/Weight: 160cm・49kg
    Source: Shiji, Book of Han
    Region: China
    Alignment: Lawful Evil
    Gender: Female
    She would do anything for the sake of the order that exist between herself and Xiang Yu.

    Incarnated Spirit of Summer: A+
    Of course, the fact she is an incarnated spirit does not change.
    Still, by changing her Saint Graph into a swimsuit, her way of being was somewhat optimized towards the summer.
    The efficiency of mana absorption increases in proportion to the presence of summer-like nature... that is, the water of a summer resort's lake shore and a brilliant sunlight.
    This becomes a style improper for the image of a bloodsucking species, but of course that she pays no mind to that.
    It is not like her preferences have changed, so you'll end up seeing her sunbathing while murmuring complaints such as "it's so hot!"

    Dance of Bygone Days: EX
    A skill for the sword dance she once performed before Xiang Yu.
    Despite holding the conviction that human civilization is detestable, worthless of even imitating, she might bend it sometimes for the sake of Xiang Yu.
    She does not care if it can be objectively described as skillful or not. Nor does she care how others would evaluate it. Those are inconsequential.
    It is just that it was necessary for her to dance sometimes.
    What sort of evaluation he made, what sort of expression appeared in his face - those are things that only she knows.
    Those have all been deeply engraved in her Saint Graph in the form of precious memories, together with this skill.

    Originally, this skill would be either sealed away or outright inexistent unless Xiang Yu is close by - thus impossible to be employed.
    At this instance, the seal on this skill has been lifted due to the shock of having been lent his spear. Consequentially, said spear functions as a proxy of sorts and makes the employment of this skill possible.
    Currently, it has been arranged into a spear dance.


    Anti-Fling Rondo - Spear Dance of Summer Evil Mortality
    Type: Anti-Army
    Range: 1~10
    Maximum Targets: 20 people
    The word "fling" is a slang for "extramarital affair" or "a summer's love", which in turn points to the evils of summer.
    An anti-evils of summer compulsory removal technique by means of the spear lent by Xian Yu, which is the embodiment of his love (or so she thinks). It is endowed with a special efficacy towards men due to an extreme, arbitrary decision from her part.

    Although Yu Meiren has no knowledge of martial arts or tactics, as a result of getting excited over Xiang Yu's love, she remembered about the sword dance once performed for him.
    This is the result of setting her mind in making use of that and then arranging it into a spear dance.
    As a consequence, it turned out into something akin to pole dance for some reason.

    Just like her original Noble Phantasm, Eternal Lament, this is something that causes abnormal weather by letting magical energy go on a rampage as she destroys her own body. However, the motions of the spear dance that uses Xiang Yu's spear as an axis added the vector of "rotation" to it, consequently leading to the occurrence of tornado-type curse instead of a rain of blood.
    The eternal lamentation (lament) changed its shape into a round dance (rondo) of death.

    (1) in this case, it holds the connotation of "evil influence"

    Abigail Williams (Swimsuit)
    Abigail Williams (Swimsuit)

    Dreams are surely reality.
    After all, they hatch out from the cradle of consciousness
    (1) and are the cage of universal truth that embraces and nurtures consciousness.
    I am an adeptus of the dream-like boundary, a servant of the Lord Father...

    End of the 17th century. In the English-controlled Massachusetts.
    Abigail Williams, who was only a 12 years-old Puritan girl at the time, became a central personage of the melancholic incident in which many villagers were prosecuted and executed by hanging - the "Salem Witch Trials".

    Due to many overlapping factors, the Abigail that was summoned as a Servant established a connection with the wicked god of outer space - the "All-in-One and One-in-All" - whose existence still cannot be verified in this universe.
    This young girl wields the mighty power of a descender (Foreigner) as a "gate of dreams" - the faithful vessel of an Outer God.

    The modest wish that such girl harboured in her chest was to quietly, gracefully spend the summer holidays together with her Master...

    "...isn't that right? This is a vacation after all.
    Surely, it can't be helped if the feelings that were kept concealed everyday end up overflowing...

    Despite being fundamentally endowed with the same Saint Graph・personality, her nature and tastes differs elaborately in accordance to the stage of her Ascension.

    [First Ascension]
    If likened to a trio of sisters, this would be the eldest. Contrary to her scary appearance, she interacts with the Master in a tolerant manner.
    An unexpectedly reasonable person(??) that sometimes mutters things in a mature, understanding resignation.
    [Second Ascension]
    If likened to a trio of sisters, this would be middle one.
    The version whose diligent nature is the closest to the Puritan girl, Abigail.
    Studious and rimming with curiosity. A methodical person with a firm character.
    [Third Ascension]
    If likened to a trio of sisters, this would the youngest. Naive and somewhat childish.
    Due to this purity, she stands side by side with insanity.
    A new aspect that Abigail had never displayed until now.
    A boon from the charms of summer.

    The name of the black cat that follows her around is "Nosh"(2), while the white cat is called Luthar.
    Whenever Abigail is out of sight, they are always friendly trying to kill each other.

    That which comes crawling from outer space...
    The descender "Foreigner" is a foreign object and a heresy in the Holy Grail War.

    Supposedly, the privileged have a duty to wield their power in service of the world.
    But this young girl does not think that is the case.
    For it is those who declare themselves to be righteous that catch a glimpse of insanity.

    Supposedly, it is the responsibility of the erudite to pursue the path of divine revelation.
    But this girl does not believe in that.
    Rather than the wisdom lying dormant in a graveyard, she finds value in the passion of those who visit in order to request an apprenticeship.

    Supposedly, a king must remain aloof even as he lives in the hearts of the masses.
    But this girl does not wish for that.
    She simply hopes to be a resort for the heart that rejects a peaceful rest.

    The underprivileged. The uneducated. The untouchables.
    Stopping at the edge of the world (divided almost like a wave lapping onto the shore), she wishes to guide those who driftingly arrive at that place.

    Foreigner is a foreign object and a heresy.
    Humans spin the future while interweaving even with such a menace.

    Height/Weight: 152cm・44kg
    Source: Historical fact
    Region: North America・Massachusetts
    Alignment: Lawful Evil
    Gender: Female
    The fleeting summer memories that sweetly wallow in.

    Sleep of the Rose: B
    A deep slumber that reaches into the divine depths of the dreamland.
    The aroma of a fragrant rose and the intense heat of the waves releases the mind from the material world.

    Sanity Loss: B+
    An impulse of insanity and release, exerted upon the defenseless mind in a trance.
    However, that is not necessarily harmful, for it can become an opportunity to discover your true self.

    She Who Guides: A
    A servant of the Outer God that protects the ultimate gate.
    She guides the owner of the silver key that arrives at said gate, bestowing a final trial upon him.


    Dreamlands - Remote Dream City
    Rank: A
    Type: Anti-Unit
    Range: 1~6
    Maximum Targets: 6 people
    Smoothly transfiguring the world surrounding the target.
    Inviting the target into a dream world without letting him become aware of the boundary that divides it.
    The true shape of the world that is concealed behind what is ordinary; those who witness its overwhelming mass and resolution(3) lose their fighting spirit and find it difficult to even maintain their ego.

    (1) there is a play of words here, for the original Japanese term can be translated as both "consciousness" and "reality".

    (2) As in 'CykraNOSH'. This is probably a reference to the cats of Saturn that appears in the Cthulhu Mythos.

    (3) as in 'display resolution'

    Tomoe Gozen (Swimsuit)
    Tomoe Gozen (Swimsuit)

    "It seems that, every time summer comes by, a portion of Chaldea's Heroic Spirits end up forgetting about moderation...
    Why would that be?

    Just as she was wondering about such things, Tomoe Gozen would finally have a firsthand experience with its cause in this summer. Namely...
    Passion that overflows from inside oneself. A power that is almost like like a fire, a sun. In short, a "sense of liberation"!
    Although the talks about the sea never really hit her during the past years, it seems that something flipped inside of her this time around - possibly because the stage in this summer is among the mountains.
    She awakened to the Swimsuit Saint Graph.

    That being said.
    Leisure is not the only form of pleasure in summer.
    There is also games!

    ...come, summer has began.
    In that case, let us now play until we drop, without sparing time for sleep!

    Her outfit is an easy-going summer swimsuit!
    Dual-wielding VR controllers in both hands!
    By no means she has completely abandoned moderation, but being on a mountain causes a "sense of liberation" to gush out and stimulate her, constantly pushing her back. And so, Tomoe Gozen plunges into entertainment in this summer.

    Her personality is mostly the same as the usual (Archer) Tomoe Gozen.
    However, as she is in her off-mode, her intent to play around is on full throttle.
    While she will naturally get concerned if some abnormality occurs, her intent to play will not disappear.
    "All that aside, we must enjoy this summer."

    Height/Weight: 162cm・50kg
    Source: Heike MonogatariGenpei Seisuikinoh play "Tomoe", etc.
    Region: Japan
    Alignment: Neutral Good
    Gender: Female
    Voow, woow(1)

    Midnight of Summer Night: A
    "It shames to admit this... but Tomoe is somewhat, different, than usual during the summer nights."
    "How exactly?"
    "I can play games as much as I like!"
    A skill that makes one stronger when staying up late. So long the concerned person is enjoying herself from the bottom of her heart, it is possible to temporarily postpone fatigue and prana consumption.
    A variation of Battle Continuation, but its effects became quite different from that of the original skill.

    VR Shinkage-ryuu: B+
    A skill that denotes proficiency in VR sword play that employs stick-shaped controllers.
    She is specially proficient with dual-wielding.
    In the beginning, she was endowed with D Rank in this skill, but there was a change in the skill's name and a remarkable improvement in its rank after she received Yagyuu Tajima-no-kami's personal instruction.
    Tomoe's testimony was that "The many techniques bestowed by Lord Tajima-no-kami can suddenly be applied in real dual-wielding, not only VR".
    "Isn't that just the normal Yagyuu Shinkage-ryuu?" retorted Chiyome dubiously.
    Still, it seems that the sword techniques that she wields are something very different from those of the Yagyuu Shinkage-ryuu.


    VR Shinkage-ryuu Secret Technique・Dual-Wielding Laser Blade
    Type: Anti-Unit
    Range: 1
    Maximum Targets: 1 person
    A constantly active-type of Noble Phantasm.
    Originally, a VR laser blade is something limited to just VR and does not function as a sword in reality, but Saber Tomoe can mold her own magical energy in the form of a laser blade. It is employed in attacks.
    Naturally, the blade emits a super-high heat.

    Even now, Tomoe does not hesitate to say that this paranormal ability is "derived from the powers of Lord Yoshinaka, who was dubbed the Asahi Shogun(2)". But, as expected, this probably comes from her own abilities - pronouncily revealing her oni blood.
    The influence of this Noble Phantasm is the reason why the actual swords (long swords) that she uses in her Second and Third Ascension also emit a super-high heat.

    VR Shinkage-ryuu Secret Technique・Sun Sword of Tomoegafuchi
    Rank: B
    Type: Anti-Army
    Range: 1~50
    Maximum Targets: 40 people
    An anti-army attack that employs the aforementioned Noble Phantasm.
    Tomoe herself affirms that "I awakened to the deeper mysteries of the VR Shinkage-ryuu", but its veracity is uncertain.
    To be specific, she just equips the VR googles and charges at the enemy camp.
    After having swinged the two swords to her heart's content, a pseudo-sun that symbolizes her feelings towards Kiso Yoshinaka appears in the sky based on the "circle" produced by the tracks of the scorching blades - performing the finishing blow against the enemy camp with a irradiation of magical energy.
    If she feels like it, it is possible to launch not just one, but two, three, four, five... a true multitude of pseudo-suns. Still, in this work she fundamentally produces just one.

    (1) onomatopoeias for lightsaber sounds

    (2) roughly, "general of the morning sun"

    Murasaki Shikibu (Swimsuit)
    Murasaki Shikibu (Swimsuit)

    A widow clad in an enigmatic, dark colored swimsuit.
    The words that spill from her lips are enigmatic and chilly, giving off the premonition of a creeping bizarre.
    Will there be any survivors in this summer journey...?

    ...that is purely the impression her outfit gives.
    It is not like Rider Murasaki Shikibu is the criminal or mastermind behind some incident.
    "A widow in a glamorous black swimsuit".
    "A young girl in a suspicious sailor uniform".
    "A woman clad in a Showa Era, idol-style swimsuit".
    The many appearances chosen by Murasaki Shikibu in this summer are merely disguises based around such themes.
    Simply put, she is enjoying dressing herself like that.

    In other words, this is cosplay!

    As a result of repeatedly reading all sorts of stories related to summer, Murasaki Shikibu became somewhat knowledgable about mystery and horror novels, and even horror movies.
    Once summer is over, she should softly turn back into the usual librarian-like Murasaki Shikibu, but...

    Surprisingly, she may end up acquiring a penchant for those attires and wearing them indefinitely.
    Of course, it is not like she will turn them into her everyday clothes, but rather enjoy herself by secretly changing into them on the depths of the underground library, or maybe in the private area behind the reception desk.
    Should you witness that by accident, try saying "it's okay to wear them normally, without reservations". She will surely be delighted.
    Should you instead say "it's okay to cosplay in public, without reservations", you'll probably see a Murasaki Shikibu that says "that's not it!" and denies cosplaying for some reason.

    Height/Weight: 163cm・51kg
    Source: Historical fact
    Region: Japan
    Alignment: Neutral Good
    Gender: Female
    Supposedly, "Chaldea's Summer Fair of Recommended Books" is currently in session on the underground library.

    Summer Night Black Widow: EX
    A skill that is deeply concerned with the appearance of her First Ascension.
    A widow that suspiciously smiles in the summer night, also known as the Black Widow!
    This appearance takes the enigmatic mistress of a mansion from mystery novels (particularly, that which is equated with the "criminal") as its motif, but it is not like she herself is the criminal behind some incident.
    She is merely enjoying this sort of cosplay.

    Incidentally, it seems that Murasaki Shikibu herself is very little aware of the fact she is cosplaying, so she will make a very flustered expression once that is pointed out.

    Literary Maiden (Summer): A
    The summer Murasaki Shikibu is particularly committed to summer stories.
    From Sci-Fi to historical dramas, she has read a great variety of tales related to summer.
    As a result of having repeatedly read many mystery and horror novels set on summer, the summer Murasaki Shikibu reacts very sensitively towards tricks and horror contents.

    As far as movies go, she understand them a little, but seems to be kind of biased towards horror movies from the 80s and 90s for some reason.
    (Apparently, she has a "mentor" in Chaldea that taught her about horror movies).

    A skill that is deeply concerned with the appearance of her Third Ascension.
    As a result of coming in contact with many old movies, summer Murasaki Shikibu became interested in Japan's Showa idols, especially their summer outfits.
    "I see, so this is the modern summer outfits..."

    Bizarre Preferences: (Summer): C++
    A skill that is deeply concerned with the appearance of her Second Ascension.
    As a result of becoming familiar with mystery and horror novels, summer Murasaki Shikibu acquired a particular preference for attires.
    "I see, so this is the modern summer outfits..."

    This is why she is holding to a crutch even though she had not twisted her legs, and is covered in bandages even though she is not injured.
    Anyone who mets her ends up asking "did you got hurt?", but Murasaki Shikibu carefully starts explaining "No, you see...", ultimately leading them to comprehend things.
    'I see, in other words... this is cosplay...?'


    Sotoorihime・The Deed of a Spider
    Type: Anti-Unit
    Range: 1~50
    Maximum Targets: 1 person
    A poem recited while pouring her feelings into it. By comprehending the poem once read by Sotoorihime - who is sometimes counted as one of the three deities of waka - she temporarily manifests a monster. A summoning Noble Phantasm of sorts.

    My dear comes tonight, for a spider has spread its net on the roots of bamboo grass(1)

    Originally, the spider mentioned in this poem should be unrelated to the tsuchigumo monster, but...
    Once the True Name is released, a single variant of tsuchigumo that was once sealed by her former teacher of onmyodou, Abe no Seimei, is summoned at that place to perform a charge attack. Murasaki Shikibu mounts on the tsuchigumo during the charge, and that is believed to be the cause of why her Saint Graph was established as a Rider.

    Supposedly, this is more effective towards targets that know of romantic love and passion.
    There is very little effect against existences who do not know of romantic love and passion.

    (1) from what my research told me, this is based on an old Chinese superstition that a spider near human belongings is a sign of an impending, unexpected visit.


    The queen of Yamatai, a country that once existed in ancient Japan.
    It has been told that she skilfully bewildered and managed the masses by means of a form of magecraft called kidou(1).
    A queen full of mysteries, who suddenly appeared in ancient Japan (which was then split in many small nations and continuously plagued by wars) and established a nation by means of a power of oracles.

    It has been told that Himiko took residence in the depths of a giant temple, never appeared in public and that her words were conveyed to the people by her nameless younger brother.
    She excelled in diplomacy, having dispatched an envoy to the Kingdom of Wei and obtaining the seal of Qinwei Wowang(2).
    After Himiko's death, Yamatai would suddenly disappear from the stage of history, being last confirmed in the records of Himiko's pupil, Iyo.
    Even now, there are many mysteries surrounding the country of Yamatai, and even its location cannot be determined.

    According to the testimony of the concerned person: "I wasn't able to freely go out anymore after becoming a queen. So frankly, I don't really know myself~"

    By looks alone, she appears to be just a carefree, energetic and moody girl. However, the power of mystery concealed within her body is amazing, befitting the arbiter of light that she professes herself to be.
    Sometimes through oracles, sometimes through brute forc... no, forget about it. Let's just say that she subdued conflicts through many means such as that.
    One might not be able to sense this when she is behaving as a queen, but she was originally a compassionate girl that prized living together with nature and felt delighted by sunlight, the fruits of the earth and people's smiles.
    Incidentally, for some reason she has an abnormal disposition as a ame-onna.
    Since it would start raining whenever she tried to go out, she was also valued as a rain-making priestess as a result.

    "...ugh, another heavy rain. Why do we only have downpours like this when I try to go out... What? It nurtures the crops? Yeah, yeah. Into the storage it goes."

    By the way, the fact that her signature move is heavy punch tempered through bone-smashing fortune-telling is regarded as the greatest secret of Yamatai.

    "Finishing move! Himiko Punch!"

    The celestial bodies represent the abyss, and the abyss is also an infinite mirror that is patterned after the celestial bodies.

    She heard "that" on a certain night.
    It seemed very far away, yet very close by. Shouting as if whispering. Cheerfully as if despairing about it. Almost as if she herself was a reflection, or as if the reflection went deep within herself. Before long, eternal wisdom connected the perpetual distance that she could see with this place.

    A primeval psychic, who was born as an infinite mirror that reflects wisdom beyond humans in the present world and holds more power that humans can handle within her body.

    She threw aside the ordinary life as a human and devoted her body for the sake of people's smiles. She has no regrets about that life and even accepted the darkness that would arrive at the end of it. Even if it meant eventually vanishing beyond time...

    "So you see, I don't particularly have any wish for the Holy Grail... No! I'm lying! I have one! A wish!" To be honest, as you well know, I was pressed by my duties as a queen in my previous life and, you see, how can I say this, I never had any luck with things like, well, fateful encounters? Err, things would completely smoothly when doing love fortune-telling for others, like 'yeah, yeah, I see it. Maybe not perfectly, but I can see it. I wish you well~', but I became completely hopeless whenever trying to do it for myself - in other words, a hopeless priestess. As such, I request an dramatic and exciting fateful encounter with my soul mate! Please!"

    ...yes, this is the arbiter of light, the First Queen of Yamatai, Himiko.

    Height/Weight: 161cm・52kg
    Source: "Gishi Wajinden"
    Region: Japan
    Alignment: Chaotic Good
    Gender: Female
    "Witness the power of Yamatai's First Queen!"

    Kidou: A
    A primitive magecraft. Said to be original model of Shinto.
    Unlike established magic systems, its details are wrapped in mystery.

    Oracle of Light: A
    The skill to receive an oracle that guides everyone to a shining future.
    Although it may look like she is just nodding off, that is just your imagination.

    Charisma of the Shrine Maiden: B
    A natural talent to command army corps. Increases the abilities of one's own army during group battles.
    Charisma is a rare talent, and B Rank can be described as adequate for the king of a country. Himiko's charisma is a governing of masses by means of oracles.

    Crude Body: A

    Sound health. A naturally super-healthy body that does not know of injury.
    Carrying within herself the overflowing vitality that primitive humans possessed, she is truly a completely wholesome, superior child.
    Incidentally, it seems her constitution turns dull when she slacks off and her physique changes if she eats too much. It is crude in that sense as well.(3)


    Eternal Mirror Patterned After the Celestial Bodies
    Type: Bounded Field
    Range: 1~20
    Maximum Targets: 50 people
    Obtaining the wisdom from a domain beyond the limits of human intellect by communicating with something not human. Upon releasing the True Name, countless mirrors are spread on her surroundings, multi-projecting the information from a different time, different domain. She then employs her own body as a medium to observe the settlement of phenomena in the near future.

    In addition, while this Noble Phantasm is active, a mysterious surge that revitalizes the strengths as primitive humans of surrounding allies is emitted.

    At its greatest release, it also becomes possible to change the very outcome of the prediction, even if just slightly.

    "This is the voice of Heavens, right?!" or so Himiko thought. But not even she herself truly understood what exactly this deed called oracle really was.

    Incidentally, supposedly this voice of Heavens never once made any allusions about her soul mate.

    "Sigh... even though I can learn about everything that does not involve me. Who made a Himiko like this?"

    (1) 鬼道; roughly, 'demon way'

    (2) Chinese. Roughly means, 'friend of Wei and king of Japan'

    (3) the name and description leads me to believe that this is something completely different from the skill Natural Body (天性の肉体) possessed by Kintoki and Altera.

    Saito Hajime
    Saito Hajime

    Saito Hajime. The captain of the Third Company of the Shinsengumi, a police organization that operated mostly in the Kyoto of the Bakumatsu.
    Together with Okita Souji and Nagakura Shinpachi, he was regarded as one of the most prominent swordsmen even among the Shinsengumi, but there are many unknown matters about him - such as his origins and sword style.

    One of the few members of the Shinsengumi who fought to the bitter end, from the turbulent times of the Bakumatsu until the Meiji era, and lead a fulfilling life.
    His skill with the sword was head and shoulders above the rest even within the organization. The captain of the Second Company, Nagakura Shinpachi, once said this: Okita Souji had the sword of a warrior, and Saito Hajime an invincible sword.
    Supposedly he performed many missions that could not be made public (such as purging dissidents within the regiment), and there are even theories that he was a spy of the bakufu or the Aizu Domain sent to infiltrate the Shinsengumi.
    As a matter of fact, there were many questionable aspects about his behavior during his time in the Shinsengumi, and it is believed that he was placed in a special station of sorts among the regimental soldiers.

    At a glance, he appears as a frivolous man who is both handsome and fun, but sometimes one can se his aspect as a sharp and able person of keen discernment.
    Prone to falling into anachronistic sense of values, among the regimental soldiers of the Shinsengumi, he alone held the creed of living flexibly without being trapped by preexisting values.

    "Or something like that. Truth is, I just prefer to stick to what seems most interesting."

    Be as it may, since he basically just behaves in this manner, his coworker Okita ended up giving him the over-the-top nickname "flippant Shinsengumi".

    His favorite dish is noodles. He has a special taste for korokke soba.

    "How can I put this, the korokke soaked in soba tsuyu tastes somewhat cheap, yet delicious. I simply can't get enough of this."

    A member of the Shinsengumi since its early days, he was highly trusted by the Director Kondo and the Deputy Director Hijikata and was tasked with numerous important missions. Despite having struggled through many fierce battles, he eventually parted ways with the regiment and supported the new government, ultimately leading a fulfilling life.

    He would become a man of few words in his final years and left this world without telling others about much of his life, his time in the Shinsengume above all.

    Rather than a swordsman, most of his works were that of a spy. When you add to that an easygoing way of life that never revealed his true feelings to others, he would consequentially often be slandered as a man without convictions as a warrior - by both his enemies and even his fellow regimental soldiers.

    "Well, they are not exactly wrong. I would aimlessly wander that way, and then aimlessly wander in the opposite direction, always following whatever seemed most interesting at that moment. Death means defeat for humans, so you've not truly been defeated as long as you don't die. That is the secret behind the invincible sword. Not that I care."

    ...still, who would know. Until the very end, he lived through the new era while constantly hoisting a single flag within his heart.

    Height/Weight: 178cm・77kg
    Source: Historical fact
    Region: Japan
    Alignment: Lawful Neutral
    Gender: Male
    "Sword style? That doesn't matter. Well, in Hajime-chan's case, maybe you could call it the 'invincible style'?"

    Invincible Sword: A
    The words used to evaluate Saito's sword, deemed to be one of the strongest even among the Shinsengumi. Saito's swordsmanship does not abide to a clear style. Although told to belong to either the Mugai-ryuu or the Ittou-ryuu, it is in fact a free swordsmanship that is not bound to anything.

    Liberal Sword Draw: B
    A phantasmagorical battoujustsu that can be unleashed from left and right, with either hand. A swordsmanship with no kata, which continuously changes freely starting from the point. A peculiar combat technique that makes predictions derived from seeing through his attacks and the likes extremely difficult.

    "My dominant hand? Well, I am just drawing in the way that seems easiest at the time. To being with, if one had enough spare time to think about that, he should instead be slashing already, right?"


    Rank: None
    Type: Magic Sword
    Range: 1~9
    Maximum Targets: 1 person
    The sure-kill, upwards diagonal slash to the shoulder of Saito Hajime, whose sword was evaluated as invincible. A free sword that has no kata.
    Instantly cutting down the opponent by approaching with a unique stepping (which is unlike simple speed) that disturbs the his sense of distance and time perception, causing him to miscalculate the ma-ai between them. Since the opponent is being cut down from a distance he thought it was impossible to be reached, he falls into a hallucination of already being cut by the time he realized.

    As a general rule, it is possible to ignore the target's reach and make the first move from any ma-ai, so long the opponent is employing a melee weapon (regardless of it being a spear or whatever).

    "...thus, my sword is invincible!"

    (1) roughly, 'immaterial' or 'intangible'

    Oda Nobukatsu
    Oda Nobukatsu

    The younger brother of Oda Nobunaga, the famous Hegemon of the Warring States.
    Other than being Oda Nobunaga's brother, there are very little historical mentions about him in particular, so he has a very fragile, meagre Saint Graph.
    Originally, it should be impossible to summon him as a Heroic Spirit, but he was able manifest after obtaining a Saint Graph due certain reasons.

    Unlike Nobunaga (who was called the 'Fool of Owari'), Nobukatsu was well known as for his sagacity since his childhood. Not only he was doted by his mother, Dota Gozen, but the other family members also had great expectation on him as the next head of the Oda Family. Before long, Nobukatsu consolidated the vassals that supported him and rose in revolt against Nobunaga, claiming that he himself was the head of the Oda Family. However, the two rebellions he attempted ended in failure and ultimately he would be deliberately murdered by Nobunaga.

    The brother of Nobunaga, nothing more and nothing less. That is all there is to the human called Oda Nobukatsu.

    He is fundamentally a sociable young man.
    If pressed to say, his capacity and resourcefulness as a military commander could be regarded as outstanding, but he cannot properly evaluate himself due to his sister being too much extraordinary.
    His elder sister is everything to him, so he resented the Sengoku era that did not approve of her and carried out the crazy deed of instigating the family members who could become an obstacle to her and set them up to be purged alongside him.
    This is merely an assumption, but had they been born as common citizens instead of children of a daimyo, there might have been a future in which the two siblings lived together in harmony.

    This is a digression, but in this manifestation, those mysterious RPFs(1) have also been summoned as optional parts for Nobukatsu (maybe they are fragments of Nobunaga's Saint Graph or something). According to Nobukatsu, they have discreetly been given the latest technical specifications, so trying to find the differences between the older models might be a good way to pass the time.

    Elder sister is amazing! She saved me when I was being bullied in the castle town and then left those ruffians half dead!

    Elder sister is amazing! She climbed a really tall tree in the blink of an eye and then threw kaki at me!

    Elder sister is amazing! In the riverbank, she spoke about the shape of a new era that I never dreamt of!

    Elder sister is amazing! She told me about a form of warfare that someone like me could never have even imagined!

    Elder sister is amazing! Mother doesn't see how amazing elder sister is, but she will surely understand one day!

    Elder sister is amazing! Why don't you guys understand? In which way could I possibly excel over elder sister?!

    Elder sister is amazing! Oh I see, I finally see new, these guys are idiots!

    Elder sister is amazing! There is no way guys like these are fit to be elder sister's vassals, and of course neither do I!

    Elder sister is amazing! I will burn down everything that could become a hindrance to elder sister, including myself of course!

    Elder sister is amazing! Why would I be forgiven? Why won't you kill me?!

    Elder sister is amazing! She will finally kill this incompetent, good for nothing that I am!

    ...thank you very much, elder sister!

    Source: Historical fact
    Region: Japan
    Alignment: Chaotic Good
    Gender: Male
    "Heh!? Elder Sister!?"

    Unskillful Scheming: D
    He carried out two uprisings in his previous life.
    Those uprisings that brought together the discontents among the family members ended in failure at both instances, but they started the journey that would change that person into a demon lord.

    I Martyr Myself to the Demonic Heavens: B
    The fanaticism that sacrificed his own body and pushed his elder sister up to the level of a demon lord.

    Adabana from the Chaos of War: C
    An adabana from that era, which would not bear fruit even if it were to blossom. Whether his life was pointless or not is something that only his elder sister, Nobunaga, knows.


    Maou Kaiten・Higanbana
    Rank: D
    Type: Anti-Unit
    Range: 1
    Maximum Targets: 1 person
    A suicide Noble Phantasm that strengthens the target in exchange for his own annihilation.
    The only Noble Phantasm that Nobukatsu (who caused his sister to walk on the path of an inhuman demon lord by means of his own death) was allowed to possess.

    By all rights, this is a Noble Phantasm should cause his entire Saint Graph to vanish, but it became possible to secure his existence thanks to having absorbed another nameless Saint Graph.

    Supposedly, said nameless Saint Graph was also once a younger brother who wished to save his elder sister.

    "Indeed, siblings are supposed to help each other"

    (1) the cartoonish Nobus

    (2) roughly, 'world-changing demon lord, Manjushage'

    Van Gogh
    Van Gogh

    Vincent van Gogh was painter that was active in the Europe of the 19th century.
    His works became highly valued after his death, earning him enthusiasts all over the world. History tells us that he was male, and his name, portraits and few remaining photographs also make that fact evident.

    On another hand, this Foreigner that appeared while dressed as a boy and calls herself Van Gogh is different from the historical one in both appearance and gender.
    Still, her artistic talent is truly that of Gogh himself.
    She devours large meals, tells jokes and gloomy smiles while drawing pictures all over the place.

    Sure enough, her identity is...

    The historical Vincent van Gogh was born in 1853, in the family of a Dutch minister.
    An art dealer, clerk of a bookshop, and when even his aspiration to convert into an evangelist was met with failure, he set his eyes on becoming a painter. He studied the Hague School, and would later acquire his own distinctive style upon receiving influence of the Impressionists.

    After changing residences to Arles, France, he worked on a various masterpieces (such as the "Sunflowers"), but the deterioration of his relationship with his flatmate Gauguin resulted in him losing his mind and cause the incident in which he cut off his own ear.
    Afterwards, he spent all of his time painting while enduring attacks of mental illness, until he took his own life on 1890, at the young age of 37 years-old. It has been said that there are inexplicable details about his death.

    He was fond of sunflowers, and the yellow color that symbolizes sunlight. He also collected ukiyo-e as a hobby, even attempting to adopt its designs into a portion of his paintings.
    He became charmed by cypresses in his later years, but some theories say that they were a theme that symbolized his views on life and death.

    Her True Name is Klytie van Gogh.
    Klytie is a water nymph described in Greek mythology. One of the Okeanides, the daughters of Okeanus and Tethys. Although once a lover of Apollon, she went mad when his favor was stolen by Leucothoe (daughter of the Persian king Orchamus) and lead her rival in love to ruin by means of slanders.
    However, she was unable to regain Apollon's love and continued to look up at the sun, eventually changing into a single flower.

    One could say that most of Gogh's character and body are derived from Klytie.
    This is why motifs surrounding flowers and jellyfish start to appear as you repeat Ascensions, and the outfit that resembles a mourning dress in her second Ascension is derived from her deep regret and sadness.
    Her low self-esteem and the smile that appears to be flirting with you are a result of self-loathing, which in turn is due to the fact she lost everything to her own folly.
    She is probably unconsciously continuing to unreasonably insist that "I'm Gogh" in order to avert her eyes from that "part of herself that is not Gogh".

    As a "patchwork", she constantly have anxieties about her identity.
    That anxiety eventually invites madness, causing her own Saint Graph to change into the "Evil God of Flowers" and cause the crisis of leading the anthropic principle to eternal sleep all by herself.
    Can you give her a stable identity before that happens? The responsibility imposed on her Master is just too heavy.

    ...however, contrary to expectations, the Servant Klytie van Gogh is stubborn and very cunning.
    Upon learning about her troublesomeness, slyness, moral fiber and strong sense of duty at the end of many adventures, the Master who cultivated a bond with her will probably be able to guide her as a faithful and reliable adviser, without letting her degenerate into a mad god.

    Height/Weight: 140cm・39kg
    Source: Historical fact, Greek mythology
    Region: Europe
    Alignment: Chaotic Evil
    Gender: Female
    80% of her Saint Graph is composed of the mad nymph.
    15% is a black box derived from imaginary numbers.
    The memories and artistic talent of the painter Gogh account for only the remaining 5%.
    A patchwork Heroic Spirit, arbitrarily created by an Outer God.

    Imaginary Artistry: B+
    A skill that fused the special quality as a Servant born from imaginary numbers and the peculiar artistic outlook of the painter Gogh.
    A technique from a unique theoretical system, falsely similar to imaginary magecraft.

    Soul of a Daybeacon: EX
    A skill that transformed when the souls of the painter and the fairy that were turned into a "patchwork" resonated by means of the "madness that consumes oneself".


    De Sterrennacht - The Starry Night
    Type: Anti-Unit
    Range: 1~5
    Maximum Targets: 25 people
    The First, anti-unit Noble Phantasm.
    The wondrous drawing that was painted while imagining the view from the window of the Saint-Paul Sanatorium. That world view that surpasses human intellect overflows from the canvas and forms a Reality Marble, corroding reality.
    Although Gogh suffered from attacks of an inexplicable mental disease in his later years, he continued to hold on to the paintbrush while seeking faith and virtuous things. That tenacity with a touch of madness was taken advantage of by the outer beings and turned into a forbidden Noble Phantasm that transforms・deifies the mental structure and Saint Graph of others.

    Het Gele Huis - The Yellow House
    Type: Anti-Army
    Range: 1~5
    Maximum Targets: 8 people
    The Second Noble Phantasm.
    A reproduction of the painting of the Arles residence in Southern France, which became the turning point for the blooming of Gogh's talents and the stage for the collapse of his dreams.
    It bestows the tormenting wind of Southern France - the mistral - upon enemies, while allies receive a warm divine protection. However, curses also run rampant at the same time.

    Captain Nemo

    Triton, the mermaid that was lovingly raised by the God of Seas.
    The Prince Dakkar that was described in "Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea", or maybe the individual who became his model.
    This "Nemo" is a combination of these two.

    "Phantom" could only come into existence in the Variant Singularity・Shinjuku, but after she hacked into its data, the alchemist of Atlas Sion summoned this peculiar Servant.

    In Novum Chaldea, he is in charge of transporting and supporting the tactical team.
    Land operations are under the jurisdiction of little girl Da Vinci, but sea operations are under the jurisdiction of Captain Nemo, and by looking from that angle one could say that those two are rivals.

    Honest and gentle, Triton was loved by all.
    Meanwhile, Prince Dakkar was a man of conviction and a personification of dynamism.
    As a "Phantom" that combined these two Heroic Spirits, Nemo's character slightly deviates from either the originals.

    This Heroic Spirit who is both Triton and Nemo obtained a single conviction. That is "resistance against domination and trampling".
    Even if the opponent is his god father, he will not allow the weak to be oppressed. Ironically, that also lead to a backlash against modern human society (the consumption culture).
    Even now, he gets a little sullen when facing European culture. Of course, Greece is no exception, but according to him "the world of seas have no national borders".

    When he first appeared, Nemo tried not to show his emotions to Mash and the protagonist.
    That is because, by obtaining the memories of Prince Dakkar, he started to instinctively become wary of the "humans" that give birth to tragedies. As such, he displayed a terribly curt manner of speaking, but...

    Since he has been entrusted with a ship, Nemo remains strict to both himself and others, not allowing spoiled behavior or selfish actions.
    A hard-line Servant with the temperament of a military soldier, truly befitting the name of Captain.

    ...still. As Triton, he is also someone who gives blessings to adventurous journeys.
    By the time he is formally summoned as a Servant of Chaldea, he will probably consider the protagonist as an adventurer・traveller, giving him many blessings and indicating his path.

    At first he would stick to his role - saying that "I am but a submarine" - and never reveal his true self to anyone, not even the Master.
    Once he deems someone trustworthy and lifts is caution, he will conversely become extremely attached to that person.

    His original character is honest and amiable, never abandoning someone he took a liking to.
    A Heroic Spirit that takes pity on people, even if he cannot see through their journey to the very end, he will continue to bestow the greatest blessings as far as his eyes can reach.

    Operating a submarine, much less a military ship, all alone is impossible even for Nemo. Knowing that Nemo would eventually find his own ship unmanageable, Sion incorporated the fundamental, secret skill of the Atlas Institute - "segmented thinking" - into Nemo's summoning.
    As a result, by breaking up his magical energy, Nemo became capable of creating "offshoots that are mostly identical to himself, but specialized in their own respective tasks".
    These are the Nemo Series that work on the dock.

    -Nemo Marine
    The most numerous of the Series. There are about 12 of them (a standing force of 12, a maximum of 24 if you count the reserve), all with the same personality and appearance.
    The labor force that perform all sorts of tasks within the ship such as cleaning, steering, maintenance, etc. Their personality is all but bright, never hating anyone (though they might show some distaste) and, in a crisis, put all their efforts in finding a solution even while complaining. The Series in which Triton's unadorned aspects come out most noticeably.

    -Nemo Professor
    Whenever addressing to males, he always calls them 'Mister'. Due to that, Blackbeard feels a small sense of affinity to him.
    The academic authority within the ship. In charge of analysis, measurement, drafting strategies, etc.

    -Nemo Engine
    The stubborn chief engineer that administrates the engine section and takes pride in his work.
    The reason why he takes command of the engine section (the most severe and dangerous of the entire ship) is due to a conviction akin to a mother's love.
    "If it is for the sake of protecting people!"
    Also, since he possesses a "self" on the same level as the Captain, he seriously think they should exchange roles if he makes a blunder.
    His love towards people is strong, but so is his love towards the Nautilus.

    -Nemo Nurse
    The one in charge of the sickbay.
    The most mature among the Nemos, this "adult Nemo" has been specialized for reasoning and tolerance. In a crisis, he executes his professional duties in a composed and cool-headed manner.

    -Nemo Bakery
    The Nemo that runs the mess deck (bakery), indispensable in any battleship. Since meals is what maintains the morale of the troops, this Nemo is ultimately the strongest.

    The reason why Sion summoned Nemo as a Phantom is due to her not having employed the Chaldea-style of summoning.
    Since the chances of success were unstable, she transmuted a Saint Graph that could operate as a Servant by combining the Saint Graphs of two Heroic Spirits.
    As a result, he possesses both the names of Nemo and Triton, and also ended up becoming one with the "Noble Phantasm of the seas" that is associated to him - the submarine Nautilus.

    When Sion first summoned him at the beginning of the second part, he was still in a state of being both a "mermaid" and a "prince". But upon joining forces with Chaldea and making up his mind about being of assistance to them, his way of being as a "mermaid" was sealed away and he settled on the way of being as "Captain Nemo" for the sake of capturing Atlantis.
    Later, he would become the captain of the Dimensional Boundary Drilling Ship, Storm Border, and give his support to Novum Chaldea's struggles.

    He loves parfaits (the concerned person regard this as a top secret).

    Height/Weight: 150cm・40kg
    Source: Greek mythology, Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea
    Region: Europe, India
    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
    Gender: Unknown→Male
    It was impossible to tell his gender, as he was both Triton and the Prince, but his body was settled as male after he decided to be as "Captain Nemo" during his adventures with Chaldea.

    Voyager of the Storm: C++
    A captain purveyor skill. Since Triton was not a captain and Nemo had no experience in "getting through a storm in a tattered vessel" due to the high performance of his ship, his rank is lower than other captain-type Servants.
    However, Nemo's performance greatly improves in a "waterside" field. The inclusion of a "++" in the rank is due to this special trait.

    Indomitable Tenacity: B+
    The mentality, conviction of Heroic Spirit Nemo given shape.
    It provides Battle Continuation and NP charge, but its true worth is displayed when the guts is invoked. A captain must burn the fires to come up from behind when he falls into a dilemma.

    Guide of a Journey: C++
    Having once lead the way for the Argos ship, Triton is endowed with the disposition to guide heroes.
    Since he protects and received the hopes of people that head towards unknown lands, worlds never seen before, Triton has a good compatibility with the way of being of the little girl Da Vinci, who "surpasses boundaries and head towards a better world".
    This too has better efficacy when in a "waterside" field.


    Great Ram Nautilus - With This Great Ram of Nautilus, I Conquer
    Type: Anti-Sea
    Range: 2~70
    Maximum Targets: 1 enemy
    Changing into a form that has the submarine Nautilus at its core, he performs a charge attack with the great ram it is furnished with.
    It won't falter no matter what sort of enormous being the enemy may be (a giant squid, huge battleship, etc.), and it is endowed with a special concept that crashes・breaks through such existences.
    Although it can be employed even in places with no water (on land or in the sky), both accuracy rate and destructive power greatly improve when underwater, in the sea.
    An unusual Noble Phantasm whose performance increases when in the field: waterside.

    Ashiya Douman
    Ashiya Douman

    His eyes are like polished obsidian, and his cheeks are always risen in a perfect, cruel smile.
    A gruesome body that can easily tear apart his enemies even barehanded.
    A bewitching beast in human form, which causes those who look at him feel even a beauty of sorts...

    A bonze onmyouji from the Heian period.
    Also called Bonze Douman, or Priest Douman.
    The fiend who vied with Abe no Seimei, the strongest Heian spellcaster.

    Rather than a hero that protects the people, he is categorized as an anti-hero that brings harm to people by means of craftiness and leads the Heian world to peace by means of his own extinction.
    It has been told he once tried to harm the head honcho of those times, Fujiwara no Michinaga, by means of a curse.
    Unlike Abe no Seimei, who was affiliated with a proper government agency (the Onmyouryo), Ashiya Douman was a priest and thus belonged to a "private practice" in a sense.
    It seems that they were in a cooperative relationship at first, but... at some point Douman began looking at Seimei and the Onmyouryo with animosity and opposed them at every opportunity. In the Heian Japan where mystery still lingered strongly, the clash between these two men who had mastered spellcasting was probably terrific.

    Also, if one were to take the legendary episodes seriously, Douman had died many times over.
    This work regards that, having utterly mastered the secrets arts of Hakudou Jounin(1), Ashiya Douman had already obtained a form of pseudo-immortality in his previous lifetime.

    Alterego Ashiya Douman is a being falsely similar to the onmyouji Ashiya Douman that once existed.
    Upon coming into existence as a Alterego, he incorporated three divine spirits and vengeful ghosts into his Saint Graph and turned into a High Servant.

    The incorporated divine spirits and vengeful ghosts are the following:
    First, the goddess from Aztec mythology - Itzpapalotl.
    Second, the evil god from Slav mythology - Chernobog.
    Third, the vengeful ghost of Heian Japan - Akuryou Safu.

    In this work, Ashiya Douman is a clear enemy of the "capital" and its "people" that were protected by Seimei.
    Behaving like a transcendental being that have delved deeply into the Wu Xing and can even manipulate nature (the gods) at times, he ridicules small things, fleeting things, the common people who humbly live their daily lives.
    He enjoys trampling down on people's dignity, convictions just for fun (consequentially, the female Musashi utterly hates him).

    Since he has manifested in the Alterego Class, it is believed that he is not the very Ashiya Douman that actually existed in the past, but a being that caricatured one aspect of him.
    However, according to Caster Murasaki Shikibu, it seems like the past Douman was very much a fiend・troll.

    The Alterego Ashiya Douman that was summoned by Chaldea has no memory about acting as a servant of the "God from Another Planet" or the fact of having opposed Chaldea again and again... or at least, that is how he behaves.
    When questioned why he was summoned as an Alterego possessing a variety powers that he never had in his previous life, he simply says "well, I don't have the slightest idea".

    Of course.
    That is all bullshit.

    He was unmistakably summoned by Chaldea while possessing the memories of the Alterego Limbo - the Douman who endeavored to shine like a black sun - that once opposed Chaldea.
    The question now is: was this an accident-like coincidence caused by the connection he formed with Chaldea? A decision from the Pan-Human History, which holds no regards for one's origins so long he has power? Or maybe, did Alterego Ashiya Douman himself desired that "things turn out this way"?
    (In addition, even if a Heroic Spirit were to desire so, there is no way to proof what sort of influence that would have in the summoning・manifestation)

    Height/Weight: 200cm・110kg
    Source: "Ushi Shuui Monogatari", "Abe no Seimei Monogatari", "Ashiya Douman Oouchikagami", Aztec mythology, Slav mythology
    Region: Japan
    Alignment: Chaotic Evil
    Gender: Male
    The Japanese pentagram is well known as the Seal of Seimei, but for some reason it is called the Douman Seal in Shima. Oh, and there are also those who call it the Douman Senman! Dear me!


    Great Turmoil・Akuryou Safu
    Type: Anti-City
    Range: 1~80
    Maximum Targets: 400 people
    A reproduction of the world-shaking great malediction set to kill the head honcho of those times, Fujiwara no Michinaga - which would be equivalent to killing the city itself. Were he successful, the capital probably would have instantly fallen into ruin, the citizens would have been assaulted by misfortune and the streets would have been completely covered with people starving to death. Of course, the authorities would also have been ruined.

    In regards to casting this curse as a Noble Phantasm, the vengeful ghost the Minister of the Left, Fujiwara no Akimitsu (the "Akuryou Safu" that fused with Alterego Douman) is temporarily summoned. Thanks to that, the success rate of the spellcasting rises by a substantially large amount.

    The black sun that covers up the sky at the very end is an embodiment of Douman's arrogance and evil nature - a virtual composite manifestation of the goddess of darkness Itzpapalotl and the dark god Chernobog, which were absorbed as components for this Alterego.

    (1) according to some legends, a xianren that once served as Seimei's master.

    Watanabe no Tsuna
    Watanabe no Tsuna

    Watanabe no Tsuna, a warrior that was mostly active during the mid stages of the Heian period.
    A subordinate of Minamoto no Yorimitsu, together with Sakata Kintoki, Usui Sadamitsu and Urabe no Suetake, he would operate under the banner of the Raikou's Big Four.
    Among them, Tsuna was a warrior that received great trust from Raikou and was cherished by the other three as if an older brother.

    An extremely formal, straight-laced person.
    Sociable despite being somewhat taciturn, he won fame as a level-headed oni-slayer.
    He performed his job flawlessly and, in private, was dispassionate to the point it would be hard for a third party to even imagine it.
    Supposedly, the surrounding people would trust him from the bottom of their hearts not due to his words, but by means of his demeanor and attitude.
    He kills oni out of a sense of duty, not hatred.
    ...but a certain oni is an exception.

    For Tsuna, oni were not something to hate, nor something to save, but simply something to kill.
    He would show no pity or compassion; no hatred or joy.
    In simple terms, it was his job. He would report to work every morning, patrol Kyoto, kill any oni that appeared and then go back home. Next day, he would repeat that cycle.
    If born in modern ages, he would be a businessman that performed his job flawlessly (and always leaves work at the designated time).
    A monster-like human that was never negligent in his training, no matter the situation, and continued to improve his skills.

    Although he understands human livelihood, he does not feel like associating himself with it.
    Although he understand human emotions, he is uncertain whether that exists within himself or not.
    To make matters worse, it is not like he has no emotions. While he may risk his life to protect his colleagues and innocent people, Tsuna does not help them as a form of expressing intense emotions. To put it simply, he is like a robot that has been programmed to aid others.
    According to the person himself, he "does it" because he "cannot help doing so", and that is all there is to it.
    Maybe due not placing himself within the framework of humans, he feels that it is more difficult to kill people than oni.
    He grumbled such a thing to Kintoki and the others once in the past, and they were naturally at lost for words.

    A deficient, deviant(1) since his childhood. He perceives himself as someone who barely shows some humanity by struggling to be a proper member of the Raikou's Big Four, a proper warrior, and kill oni.

    However, the brutal yet luxuriant oni with golden hair is the one and only exception.
    Right now, only she can disturb the emotions that lay deep within Tsuna.

    Height/Weight: 180cm・77g
    Source: Historical fact
    Region: Japan
    Alignment: Neutral Good
    Gender: Male
    The strongest class of oni-slayer in Japan.
    To the point that oni flee on their own accord, with no need to throw beans at them.

    Eternal Arms Mastership (Anti-Demon): A-
    So long the opponent is a demonic being, his martial arts shall not waver at all.
    An expert of anti-oni species, demonic beings combat, but... it is suffering a small Rank DOWN due to certain circumstances.

    Disciple of Suiten: B
    Some theories say that Tsuna, the ancestor of the Watanabe faction, was a shaman who took part in putting water spirits to rest and preventing floods.
    He can protect himself from water threats and also pacify waters.

    Arm Severing of Ichijou Modoribashi: EX
    A skill that has sublimated the anecdotes of the Ichijou Modoribashi, in Kyoto.
    Amputating the arm of an oni species (who possesses physical abilities that far surpass that of humans) without giving her time to even react. One of the terminus of competency as a swordsman.
    Makes the beginning of an attack impossible to see, thus causing all sorts of evasion to become impossible.

    Incidentally, the sequence of events that lead to him cutting down Ibaraki Douji's arm differs between proper history and those seen in the Imperial Holy Grail War (singularity).

    In the proper history, just as Ibaraki once stated, Tsuna devised a plan to cut her arm.


    Ooeyama・Bodai Kisatsu
    Rank: A
    Type: Anti-Oni
    Range: 1
    Maximum Targets: 1 person
    An attack specialized for slaying demonic beings - oni in particular.
    Although Watanabe no Tsuna was by no means a magus, only when facing oni, he was able to place a suggestion onto himself by means of kuji-kiri and the likes in order to eradicate the enemy with a single strike.
    Unlike Raikou and Kintoki, this is a oni-slaying performed by human abilities alone.

    Onikiri Yasutsuna
    Type: Anti-Unit
    Range: 1
    Maximum Targets: 1 person
    A famous sword passed down through the successive generations of the Minamoto family, it was entrusted to him by Raikou. Its previous name was Higekiri. Supposedly, it was once used in battle against Suzuka Gozen.
    Soon after he amputated the arm of Ibaraki Douji, it was renamed from Higekiri to Onikiri.
    It is endowed with special efficacy against demons, oni.
    Just seeing this sword out of its scabbard unconditionally imposes a pressure of B Rank on members of the oni species. So long they don't possess B Rank or above on Mental Pollution, Mad Enhancement or some sort of mental protection skill, they will not be released from that pressure.
    In "FGO", it is fundamentally employed just as a normal weapon.

    (1) as in, 'someone who strays from normality'

    (2) roughly, 'Mt. Ooe, awakening to oni-slaying'

    Ibuki Douji
    Ibuki Douji

    Ibuki Douji. The alias of "Shuten Douji" in the Ibuki Mountains of Oumi.
    An impossible birth by natural causes. Having been given life as an onigo, Ibuki Douji grew in the mountains and eventually obtained fearsome paranormal powers.

    After moving to Mt. Ooe, she turned into the great monster "Shuten Douji", who would come down to the capital and enjoy herself in slaughter and pillage...

    Her disposition as a "deity" is strong, and her self-consciousness as a part of nature (world) is high.
    She behaves in accordance to primitive desires.
    She doesn't appear to have any intentions of getting along with humans and their culture, civilization.
    Making a face of someone who does not yet know the depths of alcohol, the delicacy of human life, or the pleasure of indulging in a momentary madness, but...
    Once she immerses herself in her desires, there will be no leniency.
    Harmless if not provoked, but one could say that she is even more dangerous than Shuten Douji in a sense.

    She has a strong fixation with anything that catches her interest once.
    She frequently keeps staring at the target her interest, so long it continues to exist.
    In most cases, she reaches out with her long fingertips, touches it and ends up breaking it to pieces... or maybe, ends up bringing about its corruption and leading it to death.

    In particular, it is very easy for her to become interested in the oni species that are her own different aspect. Naturally, her eyes will probably sparkle towards an existence similar to herself (the child of a dragon god).

    ...this would be Ibuki Douji's original temperament, but something is different in the one who manifested in Chaldea.

    She is being completely influenced by modern culture.

    Even if she cannot completely stand on the same point of view as humans, as her roots are those of a god, her behavior is that of "a young lady Heroic Spirit/Divine Spirit that spends her time fitting in modern society".
    The attitude of someone who has learned quite a lot regarding what humans are all about.

    She also makes provocations and attempts at seduction on others, including the Master.
    It seems like she learned about modern society from somewhere. Although it is impossible to tell if it is true or not, the Heroic Spirit Sherlock Holmes made the conjecture that "maybe she met another Heroic Spirit that had similarly grown accustomed to modern society, and then took advantage of the peculiarities of the Chaldea-style of summoning to forcibly carry over those records."

    Although it seems that she turns back to her inborn disposition, the conduct as a god whenever she gets serious (like when releasing the True Name of the Noble Phantasm), she usually just enjoys herself as the "lady snake" in an easygoing manner.

    Incidentally, whenever she is in her pubescent form (the first stage of Ascension), she displays the behaviors of both "Ibuki, the lady snake" and "Ibuki, the deity".
    When she herself said "it could be dangerous if I shed my skin", she is probably referring to "Ibuki, the deity".

    -First Stage: 133cm (full-span 200cm)・??kg
    -Second and Third Stages: 180cm (in combat 300cm)・??kg
    Source: "Shuten Douji Picture Book", "Otogizoushi", etc.
    Region: Japan
    Alignment: Chaotic Good
    Gender: Female
    A divine spirit, and a different aspect of the anti-hero "Shuten Douji".

    Divine Core of the Snake God: A
    A composite skill that includes Divinity.
    It should be difficult for her to be endowed with a divine core, as traditions say she is a mixed-blood of humans, but...
    As a child Yamata no Orochi, Ibuki Douji exceptionally possesses this skill at a high rank.
    If she ever gets demoted to an oni, this skill would be lost and probably get transposed as Divinity at low rank.

    Surging Waves of Eight Veins: B
    She inherited one of the aspects that Yamata no Orochi is endowed with as a god - the disposition as a deity of floods.
    The immutable body that goes hand in hand with an intense aggressiveness destroys all things.

    Fingertip of Corruption: A
    Loss of purity, lack of honor, and death.
    Those touched by Ibuki Douji's fingertips are impure, and thus not allowed to remain before gods and people.
    Although categorized as an offensive skill, it obtains plus effects when attempting conversations outside of combat with targets such as spirits of the dead, magical beasts and demoted gods.


    Divine Sword・Long Sword of Kusanagi
    Type: Anti-Army/Anti-Fortress
    Range: 1~60
    Maximum Targets: 500 people
    According to the legends of Susanoo in the Kojiki, the god Susanoo no Mikoto descended upon the land of Izumo after being exiled from Takamagahara. There he supposedly saved the Princess Kushinada from being turned into a living sacrifice and exterminated a giant monster.
    Said monster was none other than Yamata no Orochi
    The red-eyed apparition possessing eight heads and eight tails.
    A giant snake, boasting an enormous size that spanned eight peaks and valleys.
    The greatest calamity dragon of Japan.

    Susanoo defeated that giant snake (dragon) and obtained a single divine sword from one of its tails.
    The name of that sword was Kusanagi no Tachi.
    Also known as Kusanagi no Tsurugi, Ame no Murakumo no Tsurugi and Tsumugari no Tachi.
    Later, it would be dedicated to the Atsuta Shrine and established as one of the Three Sacred Treasures.

    Ibuki Douji can employ this sword that her father, Yamata no Orochi, held within his body as a Noble Phantasm.
    The single slash from the release of True Name is a fearsome thing that can cut through eight peaks and valleys and bring forth eight new large rivers... However, according to Ibuki Douji, this divine sword is something she temporarily borrowed with only a fraction of its brilliance. Its true worth is not something of this level.