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  1. Fate\last call - Caster Saint Graph

    "Honestly, I think I prefer this over a normal Servant anyway."

    Basic InformationBasic Information

    Alias: Mock King Morholt Classes: Caster
    Fate\last call
  2. List of invented and modded Skills

    Aliases and Alibis

    Ability to obscure one’s true name through taking on numerous different names, identities, and backgrounds, that one’s original name becomes utterly lost, and one’s identity becomes hard to remember. Works similarly to Information Erasure, but with too much and too contradictory info rather than too little. (Milady)


    A flipside of Demonic Defender of the State, this is the capacity to operate in and drain the resources of enemy territory. ...

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  3. Create-a-Servant Index 452-492


    Caster/Archer - David Ngunaitponi by NailsInYourFeet
    Foreigner - Harold Holt by NailsInYourFeet


    Archer - Caleb by RoydGolden
    Avenger - Uriah the Hittite by RoydGolden
    Caster - Azazel (Lostbelt) by Vance
    Caster - Moses by Baron Magnus
    Lancer - Eleazar Avaran by RoydGolden
    Rider - The Black Rider by Cing Krimson Requiem
    Ruler - Leah & Zilpah by WhiteFrenzy
    Saber - Michael (Lostbelt) by Vance ...

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  4. FSN RPG

    You ever get the urge to waste time making a fate rpg, only to realize that magic is, well, completely handwaved?

    That's me today.
  5. Pink Poop

    So these things were cheap so I bought 4. I ate one a day for four days. My poop was very pink and my piss was orange.