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  1. A wild status update appears! FORE!

    by , June 30th, 2016 at 06:08 PM (The Dark Side of the Moon (Kieran's Works))
    Next Fic to be Updated: Trinity VII: The Twilight

    Completion Level: 4 pages (approx. 40%)

    Estimated Upload Date: Sunday (hopefully)

    I haven't done one of these in almost six months - how time flies . . .

    So, today I tried golf. Actual, non-miniature, complete-with-sand-and-water-hazards golf. Judging by the aches and pains I've acquired doing nine measly holes, not to mention the way my wrists ache with every missed stroke, I think ...
  2. Fuck Overwatch

    Fuck this addictive game. GIVE ME BACK MY LIFE.
  3. Toxic Social Environments… (This actually isn't another rant)

    Yesterday, I came to an amusing realization:

    Beast's Lair is an unwelcoming social environment to be sure, you've heard me raving about that before, but it actually might not even be the fault of the intolerant people here, especially when one looks at the source material for the discussions: The Nasuverse literally thrives on this kind of intolerant society. We are just the imitators.

    (Do not correct my errors in TM lore here, as I am going to grossly oversimplify ...
  4. I Hate My First Attempt at Writing (more than anything in the world)

    Today I just got slapped in the face.

    The story I had consigned to oblivion years ago; the piece of writing I loathe more than any other; my first work ever… has just gotten favorited. I need to keep it online as a point of reference as leaving it published on is regrettably the most secure place to store it, a fact that frustrates me beyond explanation. Please don't ask.

    I still need it as a point of reference for a new story I'm writing, though it's so far on ...
  5. Hello