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  1. Caster Ariadne / Arachne Additional Information

    General Function

    As Ariadne; The caster aspect of the two serves as the main producer of mystic codes and is the most capable at creating a workshop. With her skill she is able to heal powerful venoms and brew Dionysusí wine which if distilled to nearly pure alcohol can harm divine spirits at a cost and if given enough time and mana. Although not ideal for combat, she is able to bind servants with the vines granted to her through her connection to Dionysus which she can summon with mana (which is also
  2. Rider Gaius Julius Caesar Additional Information

    Weapons source Author

    His chariot is lead by two white horses, one named Virtus and the other Felicitas both of which are at the level of strong monstrous beasts in ability (although really since they arenít used for combat; this mostly just means that they have physical abilities
  3. Rider Tutankhamun Additional Information


    Main outfit (looks slightly different, blue instead of red, minor slits near base of dress, ends above ankles instead of near feet, wearing male sandals and male headgear (Uraeus)): Image source Image Author

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  4. Caster Imhotep Additional Information

    On the Egyptian Gods:

    Egyptian Gods Origins

    All of the Egyptian Gods technically stem from one source, Heka, a machine created by a civilization of people living on the planet Vulcan which once existed between the Sun and Mercury. Their exact motivations for doing so were nebulous, yet Imhotep believes it may have been due to them foreseeing their own demise, yet not understanding or refusing to understand the cause of their demise. Heka was a machine designed based on a similar device on their planet

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  5. Demon Hunters (Volume 3) Now Available!!

    Volume 3 of my Demon Hunters saga is now open to the public @ I also re-edited some chapters in Volume 1 & 2. I'm taking the week off this story; just need to get my health in order.