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  1. 1st Grail War (AU) : The War for heaven's light


    So given there is no Grail War thread I decided I may as well put this here, as noted by the AU this is alternate universe (although I more conceive it as a parallel world that exists as a possible scenario around if the grail found was a different one. It forms my own interpretation of the 1st Grail War, an event which despite its significance we know very little about. Several things are changed here from the grail being the holy grail of king Arthur's myth, the exact details

    Updated March 17th, 2021 at 07:33 PM by Cursed by Fortuna

  2. How did all you shitters end up here anyway? And how far have you gone?

    I read the sypnosis of a crappy pirated Tsukihime anime box set and thought it sounded interesting. Then I went home and pirated it myself. The anime left me with immense dissatisfaction so I ended up looking if it was an adaptation - as I did with every anime I was dissatisfied with. And the rest is history.

    Now I blog at random intervals about literal shit. Been a journey.
  3. What do you do...

    ...when you brain leaves work before you do? Man, if I wasn't working from home I'd go kill time on the office shitter regardless of whether I needed to shit or not.

    When will they invent a mind machine interface for ZBrush? Fucking brush does not do what I want it to ever. See kids, don't learn 3D modeling. It sucks ass. Do something productive, like investing in stonks.
  4. Tsukihime gba rom!

    Some days ago i found and posted here gba roms of Tsukihime and Kagetsu Tohya, however only Kagetsu worked without problems on gba emulators.
    But, today i found a gba rom of Tsukihime that works pretty well in gba emulators! Imagine if someone puts the translation in the Tsukihime rom before the remake comes out hahaha that would be funny
    here's the link:
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