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    Space Ishtar
    Space Ishtar

    A Divine Spirit Servant that came from the Servant Universe, who is freewheeling and powerful about living.
    Although she pretends to be an Archer, her Class is Avenger for some reason.
    Due some sort of fate, she formed a team with Jane and became a bounty hunter that chases after rascals all day long.

    "My name is Ishtar. The goddess Ishtar.
    What? You want me to add 'Space' otherwise it would get confusing?
    I refuse! 'Space' is not cute at all!

    A heroine of justice, yet an outlaw.
    She is in a strange position in which, even though playing the part of a villain, everything that she does is for the sake of other people.
    Her alignment changed to "Evil" due awakening as a "threat to mankind", but this does not mean that she is a rascal・evil-doer.
    Her personality is pretty much the same as the Ishtar from Pan-Human History, but she does not toy with others for fun.

    She boastfully approves the good deeds performed by individuals as "something righteous", rejoicing about it in secret, and glares in hostility at the evil deeds performed by individuals as "something unsightly", brazenly​ speaking ill of it (and if the other party is a rascal, she will mercilessly extort his assets, life force and fate).

    Just like the normal Ishtar, S. Ishtar has a freewheeled personality that looks down on the harshness・shallowness of human society. That being said, she shows consideration for people's livelihood​ in her own way, becomes concerned over virtuous humans in her own way, and ultimately gives precedence to everyone's success over her own reward... in other words, she has an inclination that is unbecoming of Ishtar.

    For example, while Ishtar attempted to sacrifice others during the Summer Race in order to revive Gugalana and restore her own privileges, S. Ishtar would probably repent in the end, break Gugalana with her own hands and distribute its resources among the participants.
    "True, this is such a waste that I want to go in a rage, but I felt that this was the right thing to do! I can't lie to myself, you see?"
    Just like this, although fundamentally Ishtar herself, she will not become an enemy of humanity at the very end...
    In a sense, S. Ishtar is a goddess who "is bad at being Ishtar".

    *Motivation・Attitude Towards the Master
    She has a keen interest in the very existence of a "Master", who can form a contract and employ Servants even though he is just a human.
    "What, this kind of post exists in your world!? Isn't that too amazing for a human!?"
    as you see, she is honestly impressed that a human (who she perceives a "weakling") can understand Servants.
    Despite not respecting the Master, she does see him as "something important" and smiles like an imp while thinking "I will listen to him so long my humour doesn't change♡
    As he is a life-form from a different world・different universe, she is making an effort to not become more emotionally invested in him than necessary. Still, since the guards of her heart (romance flags) are weak, it is pretty much a given that she will go astray at some point.
    The normal Ishtar feels like "an older girl from the neighbouring house" thanks to her intimate sense of distance, but S. Ishtar lacks that due to her acting unduly distant. In exchange, there is a strong feeling of "although out of my league, she is shinning really close by".

    A cerebral body(1) cut away by the "primordial goddess" herself.
    A Divine Spirit Servant that was reincarnated in the blue sparkling galaxy in order to obtain new experiences.
    Space Ishtar is the latest version of "real-life goddess" from the Servant Universe.
    Not a "Venusian goddess that governed Venus, as Earthlings saw (observed) it", but a "Venusian goddess generated by an ancient civilization of Venus". Thus, from the point of view of Earthlings, one could say that she is pretty much an alien.

    The term primordial universe denotes "the universe in which humans existed as humans" from way before the blue sparkling galaxy (Ether Universe; the current Servant Universe world).
    Back in the early days of that old universe - a time when mammals weren't even born on Earth - the goddess Ashtart was worshipped by the prehistorian, ancient civilization of the universe.
    At that time, people did not possess the concept of worship and 'goddess' was a word that denoted the very "sector of space where life-forms live".
    It is unknown whether she is a concept given shape or if her way of being was turned into a concept instead, but the Ishtar・Ashtart from the primordial universe became "a galaxy in human form". Originally, she is neither something that could be handled by human hands or something that could turn into a Servant.

    By coincidence, Professor Tokiomi discovered the spiritual core of that goddess and raised her as the "good half". Also, after his death he entrusted the fate of his daughter to his faithful assistant.
    "Even if I manage to teach her textbook goodness, Ishtar will soon see through its inherent hypocrisy (since she is a clever child). It might be fine while I remain by her side, but she may become fed up with goodness and turn to her original evil self eventually.
    However, if she were to watch Jane (who is an unfeigned, virtuous person by nature that arrives at the truth in the most succinct manner, albeit at the cost of occasionally bringing about chaos and destruction to the surroundings) and come to understand that good and evil are not always two sides of the same coin​, she will probably not sink into evil so easily at the very least.
    Just as the Professor predicted, S. Ishtar was forged into an outstanding straight man without falling into evil, wholesomely(?) growing into a savage dog bounty hunter that protects the weak and bites at the strong - although she is somewhat easily angered and fussy about cost-benefit calculations.
    Incidentally, Jane herself has (surprisingly) not changed at all.

    Height/Weight: 154cm・??kg
    Source: Ancient Mesopotamian mythology, Old Testament, Ugarit mythology, Phoenician mythology and etc.
    Region: Servant Universe
    Alignment: Lawful Evil
    Gender: Female
    Also called "S. Ishtar".
    Saint Graphs 1 to 3 are all different individuals, but one could also say that they are the same person since they share a common root. Just think of them as the cool #1, the tomboyish #2 and the transcendental #3.
    The trick to skilfully associate oneself with a goddess is "to be both as earnest and sketchy as possible"

    Independent Action: C
    Having been born as a goddess, raised as a human and awakened as a Servant, S. Ishtar does not expend prana to remain in this world even if she is not contracted with a Master.

    Divine Core of a Goddess: A++
    Having inherited the divine core of an "ancient goddess of war and good harvest" that is the archetype of many goddesses similar to Ishtar (Ishtar, Astarte, Anat), her rank in this skill is pretty much the highest possible.

    Revenger: EX
    Something that jumbled the anger, suffering and grief of "...looking back, I did something really inexcusable..." that were born from ultimately being looked down as a demon for some reason, even though she was a great goddess in the past.
    The goddess who accepts herself as being evil despite standing on the side of justice (Lawful) feels somewhat unfit to be an Avenger.
    *In the Old Testament, this goddess was called "Ashtart" and treated as general term for all foreign goddesses, goddesses of good harvest. However, that name born in the Old Testament would later be degraded as that of a demon (Astaroth) in Western Europe

    Devil's Sugar: A
    Despite fretting over being degraded into a demon, she perfectly handles its powers of "fascination and arousal" - surely, she is a true demon.
    S. Ishtar's smiles and blown kisses improve the morale of allies and allows them to draw out a power beyond their limits while disregarding the burden to their bodies. Since this is a charm (curse) to be employed on allies, it negates fascination from the enemy since they are already charmed.
    One might as well call this a demonic charisma, which combined the aspects of a goddess of victory with those of a demon that brings ruin to people.

    Venus Driver: B

    One who moves Venus. Or maybe, one who spurs beauty.
    The divine protection of Venus improves the destructive power of her Noble Phantasm and allows her to freely change its attributes. A skill befitting the "primordial goddess", whom many goddesses would later derive from.

    Multiple Starling: EX
    A single great crown.
    Something derived from the goddess whom Ishtar is based on, the crowns of the various goddesses praised as "Queen of Heaven" have overlapped and returned to their complete shape.


    Edin Shugra Quasar - Crown Shining in the Primordial Universe
    Type: Anti-Star
    Range: 10,000~her mood
    Maximum Targets: her mood (changes in accordance to her mental exaltation)
    An Anti-Alien Invasion Noble Phantasm that summons the Temple of Bel Maanna (that was regarded as her "proof as a goddess" in the primordial universe), releases the soul of a higher-dimension that composes the Temple - the Galactic Saint Graph - and converts it into energy to burn an entire sector of space to nothing.
    S. Ishtar is not "constantly riding on a boat" like Ishtar.
    What S. Ishtar summons is a temple (the Temple of Baal that Anat supposedly built) of ominous shape and an aggressive form... or so it has been said...

    By the way, Edin means grassland, plain in AkkadianSumerian. It is regarded as the etymology of the Eden that appears in the Old Testament.
    Shugra(2) is the crown found in that Edin. Something bestowed to Ishtar when she entered Edin.
    Quasar is a modern astronomic terminology. It holds the meaning of quasi-stellar object.
    Located in a sector of space far away from Earth, it is described as "brightest of celestial objects" due the strong light it releases.

    (1) not really sure what this is supposed to be. Maybe something akin to a mental body?

    (2) not sure if this is the right spelling.

    Calamity Jane
    Calamity Jane

    Coming from the Servant Universe, a cheerful space☆cheerleader that do things at her own pace.
    Someone who loves new things and never thinks deeply about complicated stuff.
    As for exactly how thoughtless Jane is, she is the sort of person who completely forgets about yesterday's grudges and debts.

    "What, you dropped your cellphone in the gap between those rocks?
    Leave it to me! For now, let's try blasting our way through.☆

    Er, this damn happy-go-lucky.
    Also, it seems that she was once one of the most distinguished​ reconnaissance units (scout) in the universe or something.

    History tells us that she was a scout, gunman from the Western Pioneering period, in America.
    Although not exactly an outlaw, there are many claims that her achievements are exaggerated or of unknown authenticity. Even back when she was alive, her career was filled with public criticisms. The fact that she has many debuffer-like skills despite her positive personality originates from that dual nature.
    An individual from the American West who called herself "Calamity" and lived in the same era as Billy the Kid.
    An expert gunslinger and an outstanding scout, she was crowned with the nickname "Queen of the Plains" due being the lover and comrade in arms that lived through many predicaments with Wild Bill Hickok, the "Monarch of the Plains".

    Opinions diverge on the reason why she earned herself the name Calamity. Some say that it derives from the legends as a "rescuer from calamities", when she rescued a cavalry squad from an Indian attack. Others that it came from the fact her lovers would always lose their lives in battle, a "woman that invites calamity". There are even some that say both theories are true.

    A mood maker who prefers to support a "hard worker" rather than "herself".
    Possessing an extremely positive way of thinking, she sees the future as something that exists as a matter-of-course. Even when the fate of the universe hangs on the balance, she never falls into despair and continues to believe that survival is possible in a carefree manner.
    Although her motivations all originate from good intentions, there are times when she behaves in a way that cause people to doubt if she is really a good person.
    For example, upon realizing that "there is a bridge about to fall! That's dangerous!", she would end up cutting down a pillar from a neighbouring house and bringing it over.

    Never criticizing others, and yet she rejoices over and praises people's accomplishments, no matter how small they may be.
    Thanks to this, she has a good compatibility with S. Ishtar - who easily gets carried aw... or rather, who improves whenever praised.
    A capable space scout, her survival abilities are exceptional.
    However, her capacity to earn a livelihood is zero.
    Although her skills in (impromptu) sabotage and disturbance strategies that do not target people are remarkable, her capacity in direct, anti-personnel combat falls behind somewhat.

    Height/Weight: 168cm・60kg
    Source: Historical fact
    Region: Servant Universe
    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
    Gender: Female
    "I don't really get it, but seems like my True Name in your universe is Martha Jane Canary!
    Wow, that version of me sounds really cool---!

    Subversive Activities: B
    The skill of an excellent scout.
    Effectiveness of enemy attacks is decreased by detecting small openings and placing oneself in the blind spots of the attacks. The same sort of Subversive Activities as Fuuma Koutarou.

    Galactic Messenger: EX
    A skill based on the historical fact of swimming across a cold river in order to bring back a missive.
    It decreases the morale of enemies and increases that of allies.
    However, since one "cannot tell if the message is true or not", the effectiveness towards allies is based on chance (Jane herself receives a power up for sure, as she believes in it).

    O Pole Star, Show Me the Way: B
    A minimum version of the Noble Phantasm that she can no longer use at the moment.
    A unique skill whose effectiveness increase in proportion to the number of critical stars.
    Supposedly, it was originally a Noble Phantasm for the sake of finding a single hope, a chance of reversal against a "threat of a whole different level, which humanity cannot possibly defeat".


    Space Dead Man's Hand - Black Hand
    (1) that Invites Death
    Rank: D
    Type: Anti-Unit
    Range: 1~50
    Maximum Targets: 1 person
    Firing a bullet with the words "Bad Luck" carved in it and piercing the enemy's head from behind.
    Even if she fires right in front of him, this shot will always go around the opponent's back.
    Supposedly, the those shot by this will have a visual hallucination of a "two pair composed of As and 8s of Clubs and Spades" as they die.
    A special move that bestows to the opponent the same kind of death as that of the "Monarch of the Plains", Wild Bill Hickok - her lover and comrade in arms.

    According to history, Wild Bill was murdered from the back by Jack McCall as he played poker in a bar of Deadwood City, South Dakota.
    The cards that he held at the time were two pairs of As and 8s of Clubs and Spades. Afterwards, this black-colored two pair was named the Dead Man's Hand

    Sentinel Stellaris - O Pole Star, Shine On My Enemy
    Type: Anti-Goddess
    Range: 1~99
    Maximum Targets: 1 deity
    Jane's second Noble Phantasm.
    One of the Four Cards, the Noble Phantasms once employed as clearing procedures by the unit (team) that defeated the "primordial goddess".
    It "discovers" a weak point in the enemy, fixing said condition as a "reality".
    Having received a curse due defeating the "primordial goddess" once, this Noble Phantasm can no longer be employed.

    In the Servant Universe, she participated in the "primordial goddess sealing team" of 2,000 years ago as a scout.
    Although the operation was successful thanks to the accurate surveillance intel that she provided, she received a curse of "immortality" as compensation for killing a goddess and ended up becoming incapable of dying until the time came for the goddess to awaken once again.
    Under normal circumstances, the mind would grow weary and degrade after a long time of wandering, but Jane did not yield to this curse thanks to her inherent cheerfulness​.

    (1) as in a "poker hand"

    Astolfo (Saber)
    Astolfo (Saber)

    The unexpected Saber Astolfo.
    Utterly rejected as having no motive, reason or sense; but, at any rate, he became a Saber, extolled as the most excellent of Classes.
    "Yeah! Did you see that!? Yeah!"

    One of the Twelve Peers of Charlemagne if nothing else, so he had the qualifications for the Saber Class.
    However, it seems that those whimsical enough to summon Astolfo (rumored to be the weakest among the Twelve Peers) as a Saber (the most excellent of Classes) are quite rare.

    His alignment remains unchanged as Chaotic Good. In other words, one can say that the usual Astolfo has merely picked up a sword.
    Even if he was originally in the Rider Class, since he holds a sword, his skills with it must be a little above average.

    Maybe turning into a Saber has powered up his knightly qualities somewhat, for he is currently 5% more polite than usual and can remain rational for 5 seconds longer.
    The angle of his bowing is 5 degrees deeper, and he graps people's hands with 5 times more strength.

    The reason why Astolfo became a Saber stemmed from the Christmas Event of 2019.
    Having forcibly received the wish-granting Holy Grail (bell) from Nightingale, Astolfo ended up unconsciously fulfilling his wish of becoming a Saber, which he had a usual admiration for.

    He had lost his powers as a Saber when Nightingale obtained the Holy Grail.
    But upon seeing the dejected Astolfo, Nightingale turned him back into a Saber - that was the public debut of Astolfo Saber.
    Incidentally, when Astolfo was turned back into a Saber, the first thing he did was to turn to his Master and shout:

    "I am your sword!"

    He wanted to boldly say those words as a Saber.

    His admiration for the Saber Class could be roughly summed-up to just about that.

    Height/Weight: 164cm・56kg
    Source: Carolingian Cycle
    Region: France
    Alignment: Chaotic Good
    Gender: ???
    By demand of the concerned person, the gender is being kept a secret.


    Vulcano Caligorante - Capture Net of Windfall
    Type: Anti-Unit
    Range: 1~5
    Maximum Targets: 1 person
    A net that can catch even a god, which was set against the giant Caligorante.
    ...or so it was said, but Caligorante had just fallen into a panic and taken flight after hearing Astolfo's magic flute.
    He then ended up getting stuck in this net in a self-destructing manner.
    After many twists and turns, this net was reforged into a sword when Astolfo's Saint Graph changed into the Saber Class.
    The so called whip-sword or snake-sword, this is the romantic weapon of all warriors (declaration).

    Crazy Trip Drive Idol - Imprudent Idol Rampage
    Type: Anti-Unit (self)
    Range: 0~99
    Maximum Targets: 1 person
    His sealed, second Noble Phantasm.
    Something that invokes the power of the Hippogriff, which becomes usable when he is summoned as a Rider.
    Disturbing the enemy camp by becoming an imaginary(1) existence that is everywhere and nowhere at the same time.
    To be specific, Astolfo divides himself into many clones(2) and then delivers attacks while the enemy is lost wondering where the real one might be.
    The worst thing is that, after a certain amount of time has passed, Astolfo will begin to increase himself like compounding interests(3).
    The sight of almost a hundred of Astolfos chattering and making a fuss would seem like a nightmare to some Servants.

    (1) as in "imaginary numbers"

    (2) think of "shadow clones" from Naruto

    (3) the original raw use the word baibai game (倍々ゲーム). A Japanese gambling term with no exact equivalents in the English language; the closest similar example I was able to find was the martingale.

    Nightingale (Santa)
    Florence Nightingale (Archer)

    The angel of Crimea who holds servicing and dedication as her creed. A conviction of steel. The one who saves people. The Little War Office.
    Her character is "roughly" the same as her Berserker self.
    Holding a large firing weapon that looks like both a gun and an umbrella, her Class changed to Archer.
    Based on the red attire that she is wearing... she is Santa-type Servant... or so it seems?

    Archer Nightingale believes that all sweets in the world should turn into medicines (like sweet cold medicine).
    However, she will never place that wish on the Holy Grail.
    Archer Nightingale believes that she has to do it herself.

    If asked if "don't you think it would be better if all medicines in the world turned into sweets", she would probably reply "what is the point!? Of turning medicines!? Into sweets!?"
    This is a point she is quite particular about.
    "Sure, there is something romantic about turning sweets into medicine. However, medicines should stay as medicines".

    A perception that is somewhat out of sync with her surroundings and a medical treatment that does not hear to any arguments.
    Those alone remain pretty much the same as the usual Heroic Spirt Nightingale...
    But on a closer look, you will probably notice that her speech is somewhat more ladylike than usual.
    Although not often, she also expresses some romantic words on occasion.
    Nightingale's mentality from when she was a young girl (a time before she entered the field of nursing・medical treatment) is mixed within Archer Nightingale. Thus, when compared to her time as a Berserker, there has been a small increase in the frequency of expressions that show a glimpse of her well-bred background.

    The change in her Saint Graph at this occasion was derived from the interference of Nursery Rhyme.
    Archer Nightingale came to accept herself as a young girl by the end of this incident, so she will probably become more active as a new Santa-type of Servant.
    To be specific...while praying in the holy night...she will fight on in order to improve nursing and defeat all sorts of diseases.

    ...'that is the same as always', you say?
    It might actually be the case, but not quite.

    Height/Weight: 165cm・52kg
    Source: Historical fact
    Region: Europe
    Alignment: Lawful Good
    Gender: Female
    This Nightingale perceives all Servants as "young soldiers". They often get injured. In other words, nursing subjects.

    Independent Action: A+
    An abiltiy that allows one to remain independent for a while even after the prana supply from the Master has been severed.
    If it is for the sake of her duty, she will fight alone against injuries and sickness.

    Mad Enhancement: EX
    Rank-UP to parameters in exchange for robbing away most of reason.
    It is unknown this is left overs from the disposition of her original Saint Graph as a Berserker or instead a peculiarity of Heroic Spirit Nightingale.
    Although somewhat gentler words may come out, the basic style of conversation has not changed all that much when compared to her Berserker self.

    Assault Medicine: C+
    The "gun-like syringe" that Nightingale possesses shoots ampoules that bring about many effects, almost like a long range weapon. Rate of fire is 20 shots per second.
    Subjects of nursing・medical treatment will probably recover in an instant upon receiving a direct hit.
    Targets of disinfection・sterilization will probably be exterminated upon receiving a direct hit.
    A constantly active-type of Noble Phantasm, but it is being presented as skill in this work.

    The Bell Rang by an Angel in the Holy Night: EX
    Although Archer Nightingale shows little interest in the event called Christmas, her way of being is deeply connected with that holy night.
    The crimson garment and the golden bell fastened in her traveling bag are a proof of that.
    That being said, she herself has no idea where they came from. "By the time I realized, things became like this".


    Assault Medicine - Angel's Drop, Devil's Tears
    Type: Anti-Unit
    Range: 0~30
    Maximum Targets: 10 people
    "I shall eradicate from Earth all causes of diseases that ought to be removed, and heal all injured that ought to receive medical treatment" - such mentality of Nightingale was sublimated as a shooting-type Noble Phantasm.
    A constantly active Noble Phantasm.
    The reason why its shape resembles a gun is probably an influence of her experience in military service.
    It has been presented as a skill in this work.

    Assault Medicine Full Burst Party - The Angel Shouts, and the Devil Disappears in Shadows
    Type: Anti-Army
    Range: 0~60
    Maximum Targets: 50 people
    A full power shooting that employs Assault Medicine, the "gun-like syringe" Noble Phantasm that Archer Nightingale possesses.
    Causes of diseases that ought to be removed are immediately eradicated, and injured that ought to receive medical treatment are immediately healed.

    Superman Orion

    Class Archer. A superman who claims to be the greatest hunter of Greece.
    His manly and lively body possesses the physical strength to bring down any sort of beast, be it with a bow or bare-handed.
    Also an inveterate playboy, but...he was loved by the Moon Goddess Artemis of all people. An extremely pleasant...and pitiful... human whose life was full of ups and downs.

    With a name meaning "he who urinates", Orion was a child born between the Sea God Poseidon and Euryale (a different person from the goddess Euryale).
    Boasting of being able to bring down any beast, he ended up having his eyes stolen due being involved in troubles with a certain woman.
    Relying on the sound of hammers, he set sail on a small boat and managed to recover his sight through the influence of the Goddess of Dawn Eos,, who he had met along the way.
    ...please take notice that he had already set a dangerous flag with a goddess at this point.

    Sensing danger in the fact that his younger sister had grown in love with Orion, the Sun God Apollon instigated Artemis to shoot down Orion while he was at sea by saying: "you claim to be an expert of the bow, but can you shoot that man called Candaon".
    Artemis ended up flawlessly shooting through her beloved Orion and supposedly grieved as she held tight to his dead body.
    She thought about asking Asclepius (who supposedly could resurrect the dead) to bring Orion back to life, but Asclepius himself died by means of Zeus' thunder before he could try.
    Having no other choice, Artemis sublimated Orion to the stars.
    During winter, look up to the sky in search for three bright stars (tristar). They are called the Belt of Orion.

    Height/Weight: 230cm・187kg
    Source: Greek Mythology
    Region: Europe
    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
    Gender: Male
    "Don't you think that I am too much of a baby face in this manifestation? Doesn't it feel more like cute rather than cool? No? It is perfectly fine? I see..."

    Blessings of the Sea God: B
    A child of Poseidon.
    A variation of the skill Divinity. Other than being able to run on the sea, he can also perform underwater indefinitely.
    Furthermore, it is also possible to freely invoke rain and Orion frequently employed this - mostly in order to captivate women by creating a situation in which "an incessant rain pours on a normally cheerful man in a manner that makes it seems like he is crying" (apparently, it did not worked very well).

    Curse of the Heavenly Scorpion: D
    One of the many causes of death for Orion.
    He is weak against scorpions, to the point of being said that the constellation of Orion withdraws when the scorpion approaches.

    Force of the Moon Goddess: EX
    He is receiving a strong pressure dubbed as affection by his lover(?), the goddess Artemis. That extremely strong pressure applies plus buffs on him, naturally tempering his body. All parameters (including MGI and LCK) are Rank-UP, with STR in special receiving a double boost.

    Strong Arm of Animality: B+
    A strong arm(1) that supposedly can strangle lions to death.
    When facing such a straightforward form of violence, even demonic beings and magical beasts run away in fear.
    It is simple to tear apart a coin, and even the jaws of Cerberus can be smashed.
    A brute strength that can be described as truly peerless.

    Bowman of the Three Stars: A+
    Extolled as the greatest hunter in Greece, his proficiency is the very best thanks also in part to the blessings of Artemis.
    By acquiring the anecdote of the three stars (Tristar) as a constellation, he obtained a skill with the bow that surpasses even those of heroes that lived in a different age than him.

    A fatal trap lies in here.
    In simple terms, the one loved by these stars is also loved by the gods (especially goddesses)
    His end was likely determined at this point, point, point...


    Hagnos - Pure Love of the Moon Goddess
    Type: Anti-Army (Self)
    Range: 0
    Maximum Targets: 1 person
    Artemis' love rains down and attempts to greatly strengthen his body, even if just temporarily. That love is heavy, something physically heavy.
    As for why it is classified as Anti-Army, that is because this Noble Phantasm is such a blessing that can change a single person into something that rivals an entire army.
    Its side effects would cause a normal person to burst apart, but Orion experiences nothing more than some muscular pain.

    (1) the original Japanese term used here (豪腕; gouwan) can also be employed as a metonymy for a "capable person", "someone capable of completing difficult tasks"


    A former king and adventurer!
    After obtaining the armor of Hektor at the end of an adventure, I triumphantly travelled around in search for Durandal.
    And...throughout the conflict over Durandal and many other things, I ended up realizing the vanity of the world. Anyway, I'm Mandricardo, pleased to meet you.

    A young man who realized the vanity of the world and attained a somewhat gloomy disposition.
    Self-conscious over the fact that he is a minor hero, self-deprecating remarks often pop out from him.
    The so-called "type that places insurances on his abilities", he carry matters in a cautious, conservative manner.

    In his previous life, he went on a rampage with a haughty, "I'm the strongest"-kind of spirit. Still, it seems like the fact that he couldn't defeat Rogero (Bradamante's lover) even though he had both Durandal and Hektor's armor became a severe trauma for him, so he interacts with the Master with an attitude that is constantly lacking in self-confidence.
    In a regular Holy Grail War, he would act as a man who holds many anxieties over important communications.

    If nothing else, in order to also encourage himself, he displays some confidence during battle.

    Height/Weight: 171cm・68kg
    Source: Carolingian cycle
    Region: Europe
    Alignment: True Neutral
    Gender: Male
    The type who has trouble going to the same restaurant once people start remembering what he always orders.

    Armor of the Nine Worthy: A
    A skill that sublimated the anecdote of wearing Hektor's armor.
    Hektor's many anecdotes that were annexed to it makes Mandricardo's body tenacious and display a pseudo-charisma by means of an overwhelming strength of legends.(1)

    Brigliadoro's Neigh: A
    A skill that sublimated the anecdote of stealing and skillfully managing the famous horse Brigliadoro.
    Increases mobility, attack power and fame.
    In compensation, it becomes easier for the enemy to take notice of him.
    Also, thanks to this skill, it is also possible for him to hijack and skillfully manage magical beasts of C Rank(2) or below.


    Serment de Durandal - Oath of the Unworn Sword
    Type: Anti-Unit
    Range: 1
    Maximum Targets: 1 person
    A Noble Phantasm that embodies the legends of vowing to never carry a sword until he obtains Durandal.
    Whatever he holds in his hands, no matter what sort of weapon it might be, will possess the same sharpness as the Durandal that he once carried.
    Something that closely resembles Lancelot's Noble Phantasm (Knight of Owner), but this one surpasses it on the point that any weapon will be treated in the same way as Durandal, possessing the same destructive power as Durandal.
    However, since this copies only Durandal's normal attack power, the durability will depend on the weapon that he holds (mostly E Rank).

    (1) TN: not a "lengendary power", but "a legend that is powerful"

    (2) most likely, this refers to their rank as Noble Phantasms


    A princess that appears in Greek Mythology.
    Widelly known as a divine consort that was married to the Chief God Zeus.
    The daughter born between the Phoenician king Agenor and Telephassa. Also told to be daughter of Phoenix (Agenor's son), but that does not change the fact that she was born a princess.

    Europa was granted with three gifts by the Chief God Zeus.
    Those are the bronze Talos, a hunting dog and a throwing spear.
    Europa was deified after death, and the white bull that she rides turned into the constellation of Taurus.
    According to some theories, Europa's name is regarded as the etymology​ for "Europe".

    A compassionate, fluffily princess.
    Calm and carefree. A good-natured person who does not care about minor details.
    Smiling gently; behaving with levity; somewhat drowsy; under normal circumstances, her reaction will be any of those. She won't be (much) perturbed even if a divine beast or giant appears before her. That disposition to not become flustered even when kidnapped by the chief god - should it be seen as being absent-minded, or as being endowed with the style of a divine consort that snuggles up to a supreme being...

    A certain goddess and fellow divine consort once stated: "it is dubious whether she is properly perceiving reality".
    Supposedly, she herself smiled friendly even after hearing that.

    Height/Weight: 155cm・44kg
    Source: Greek Mythology
    Region: Europe
    Alignment: Neutral Good
    Gender: Female
    Rather than a divine consort, the awareness as a grandmother is quite strong in her. She perceives all European Heroic Spirits that lived in later ages as her "grandchildren" or "great-grandchildren".

    Affection of the Chief God: A+
    Europa is deeply loved by Zeus, the supreme being of Greek Mythology.
    A skill that brings about many divine protections. At the same time, it conceals the danger of inviting the indignation of the goddess Hera, Zeus' wife, but――― Europa herself gives no heed to that. As far as she is concerned, Hera is a magnificent goddess that ought to be respected.

    White Bull of the Chief God: C
    The Zeus that met with Europa - in other words, the white bull - is a Divine Beast endowed with a powerful fascination effect. The constellation of Taurus itself, said to instantly charm those who looked at it.
    Rather than Europa herself, this is a skill related to the bull that she rides.


    Chionis Tauros - Beloved White Bull
    Type: Anti-Army
    Range: 1~50
    Maximum Targets: 100 people
    A constantly active Noble Phantasm.
    The white bull regarded as an avatar of the Chief God Zeus――― a Noble Phantasm whose appearance is quite similar to it.
    A Noble Phantasm bestowed by the Chief God Zeus in order to protect his beloved Europa, it originally looked like a hunting dog as explained before, but its shape was changed once she said "I prefer something that looks like you. Quite lovely and perfect to be used as a pillow."

    It constantly protects Europa as she rides on its back.
    It can gallop anywhere, even over water. This Noble Phantasm is the reason why Europa has manifested as a Rider.
    If the True Name were to be released, it would probably run bravely around the enemy camp, but that is fundamentally not done in this work.
    In addition, she was bestowed with the skill "White Bull of the Chief God" by this Noble Phantasm.

    Sfyri To Talon - Super Heavy Mallet of the Bronze Giant
    Rank: A
    Type: Anti-Army
    Range: 1~50
    Maximum Targets: 100 people
    One of the Noble Phantasms bestowed by the Chief God Zeus.
    An autonomous machine from the Age of Gods. The monster of bronze, Talos.
    Cast(1) by Hephaestus (one of the Twelve Olympians), a super weapon bestowed to Europa by the Chief God. A Noble Phantasm whose raison d'Ítre is the absolute protection of Europa. Its durability is tremendous and not even the gods can destroy it with ease.
    Originally, this would be a "monster" instead of a giant, but it acquired the current shape of a "giant" due being commonly mistaken with the Colossus of Rhodes.

    It senses and exterminates enemies automatically.
    Once angered, it swoops down on the opponent as its limbs become red hot. An ordinary living creature would probably evaporate in an instant.
    In this work, it is summoned during a portion of her normal attacks and when the True Name is released, sensing the existence of enemies and raging instantaneously. It then strikes at the enemy camp with a large, incandescent iron fist that became red hot.

    Once upon a time in Crete, Europa would often have fun while riding on Talos shoulder, but Talos was extremely troubled by this due its condition of becoming red hot once angered.
    "Master, please come down soon".
    The witch Medea is among the things it has difficulty dealing with. That is because, back in the Age of Gods, Medea attacked it on the heels (its weak point) and caused the divine blood ichor that served as its source of magical energy to leak out, resulting in it stop functioning.

    (1) interestingly, this is the same term used for the creation of a homunculus in the Nasuverse

    Yang Guifei
    Yang Guifei

    The beautiful consort that flared up the fire of civil war in the great country of Tang and became the main cause behind the downfall of a dynasty.
    A Foreigner that fickly changes her facial expressions: from a childhood friend-type town girl overflowing with charm to a bewitching favourite princess that is eager to be spoiled.
    What she conceals is the dark hell fire of an evil god that dwells in the stars...?

    "I exhaustively offered my beauty to the country. My love to the Emperor. And my heart to my blood relatives.
    Still, just this biwa, just the joy that come from singing and dancing are mine alone―――

    Her True Name is "Yang Yuhuan".
    A childhood friend-type high-spec beautiful girl? The type that is not very self-aware, even after becoming instantly famous when a relative arbitrarily enlisted her in a national beauty contest.
    Her forte are singing, dancing and playing the biwa. An unequalled lover of hot springs and lychee.
    Honest and positive. A hard-worker who feels joy in devoting herself to those she is close to.
    She became the consort of Emperor Xuanzong, who ruled at the climax of the Tang Dynasty, in its 300 years of history. Xuanzong was Wu Zetian's grandchild. Thus Wu Zetian is Yang Yuhuan's grandmother-in-law... or so you may say, but the subject would create an instant hell.

    Since she was little, her beautiful face was a source of trouble that attracted scoundrels and magical beasts, causing the person herself to become introverted. However, it also what saved her when she and her siblings became adrift in the streets after their parents' death. Henceforth, she started to proactively employ her physical appearance as a tool to make people happy, even becoming conceited about it.

    Height/Weight: 155cm・45kg
    Source: Historical fact
    Region: China
    Alignment: Chaotic Good
    Gender: Female
    I didn'... I did not grew fat, did I?

    San Qian Chongai Zai Yishen(1): A
    Yang Guifei received the love of the Emperor (which could also be poured in the 3000 beauties that waited for him in his harem) and would not let go of it even after death.

    Favorite Courtesan(2): A
    What fate had decided for Yang Guifei.
    A peerless beauty of calamity, which corrupts and brings ruin to a country.

    Fire Ring of the Bewitching Star: A
    An undying nature to constantly keep on shining even in a maelstrom of rebellion - just like how the wick of a candle does not burn out until its demise.


    Nishang Yuyi Biyi Lianli
    Type: Anti-Unit/Anti-Country
    Range: 1~6
    Maximum Targets:
    1 person
    A verse from the Chang hen ge, the poem written by Bai Juyi about the undying love between Emperor Xuanzong and Yang Guifei.
    The ˜Nishang Yuyi˜ is regarded as a song that Xuanzong created for Yang Guifei. Shunned as a forbidden song that symbolises the fall of a country, its musical score was scattered and ultimately lost.
    Before being married, Yang Guifei temporarily entered the priesthood as a nuguan, being initiated in the art by the Taoist priest Luo Gongyuan(4) and earning herself the title of "Priestess Taizhen". It has been said that her soul became a xiannu of Penglai after death, waiting for a reunion with her beloved Emperor.
    The star of the abyss secretly chants a song that does not reach the ears of the common masses.

    (1) roughly, "3000 favorites-worth of love in a single person"

    (2) the Japanese term used here is clearly an allegory of 傾国の美女 (keikoku no bijou; roughly 'siren beauty'), a trope from classical Eastern fiction. Basically, a woman who can make men lose their way by means of her beauty alone, often causing the ruin of the society where she lives. The closest Western example I can think of would be Helen of Troy.

    (3) roughly, "feathered robe of rainbow-colored skirts, marital vows"

    (4) trivia: according to Japanese sources (couldn't find any English ones, sorry), this guy was a rival of Xuanzang.

    Anastasia (after change)
    Originally, Anastasia would be an existence of negligible strength even if summoned as a Servant. However, she attained unmatched force thanks to obtaining the powers of Viy by means of the interference of the Lostbelt.
    As a descendant of the Romanov Empire, she agonizes in the threshold found between a sense of duty towards guiding her people and the hatred over the fact that same people slaughtered her family.

    Her choice between these two will depend on her Master, but in most cases she will decide for the thorny path of carrying out her duty even while hating them.
    She is not so weak to the point of continuing to hate someone whose face she does not even know.

    Gao Changgong (after change)
    Prince Lanling was blessed not only with good looks, but also with gallantry. There are even anecdotes of him having supposedly broken through a tight besiegement​ formed by over 10,000 enemy soldiers and conquering a castle with only 500 cavalrymen (the song "Lanling Wang Ru Zhen Qu" was composed at this occasion).

    Still, as the saying "the nail that sticks out gets hammered down" goes, the slanders from people who shunned him for his too great of a reputation flied about and caused the Emperor to send him a poisoned drink.

    "I devoted myself faithfully and never did anything to feel ashamed before Heavens, so why am I forced to drink poison...?"

    ...he supposedly lamented like that.
    Soon after his death, Northern Qi lost its military superiority and collapsed.

    Qin Liangyu (after change)
    The ruling Emperor at the time, Chongzhen Emperor, was a man highly suspicious of others and known for his overly hasty political purges.
    However, there are also indications that political corruption in the Ming dynasty had already reached its limits and Chongzhen could not trust anyone in the first place.
    That being said, his execution of Yuan Chonghuan (a rarely seen great commander) became one of the causes why the Ming dynasty perished in Chongzhen's generation.

    But even said Chongzhen received Qin Liangyu with a kind hospitality, to the point of presenting her with a poem.

    His assessment of her was proven correct, as Qin Liangyu continued to faithfully serve the Ming and the Southern Ming (its successor state) until her death of old age, at 74 years-old.