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  1. The only mage I'll make... "officially"

    In the name of the Truth and the Root, the Department of Policies hereby brings charges against the current Lord of the Department of Zoology, Fidelco Redolloc. This was not a decision made in grace, but one preceded by several investigations and inquiries following the events that took place June 17th in the year 1843. To further inform on the decision, a series of investigative reports, helmed and penned by I, Lord Barthomeloi Aristeia of the Department of Policies, have been compiled for presentation
  2. Lord El-Melloi II Case Files Anime

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    knk bust sketch

    Them be Takeuchi legs.
  3. Best Nasuverse father

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    well, Tokiomi didn't seem surprised at all when he saw Kariya vomiting up worms and stuff so clearly he knew something about Matou magecraft and that it's probably fucked up
    He basically said himself that he thought Kariya being fucked up was because he was trying to suddenly become a magus out of greed for the grail after a lifetime of being a normal dude with no training. Like "wow you really want the grail this much that you'd do this to yourself? What a piece of shit"
  4. Demon Hunters Saga Complete! (Original/DX)

  5. Grand Unified Theory: CHALDEA

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    Another Roa avatar user...
    Roa avatars is like Type Moon diploma
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