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  1. Little Update That I Guess Goes Here

    I'm a college graduate now (well, officially last Monday when I finally got my diploma). Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy and Religion.
  2. Singapore to automate sarcasm detection

    I can already foresee this failing to pick up on blatant tongue in cheek humor, and censoring innocent individuals as a result. Great work and a 10/10, Singapore!

    Updated August 26th, 2017 at 02:54 PM by Apple

  3. I'm Going on Ahead

    Leaving in about a week.

    It's been a very fun time. I'll see you all in three months or something.

    Updated August 24th, 2017 at 09:37 PM by Frostyvale

  4. What if Utan Enhada was in Fate/Unlimited Codes?

    It's a huge what if!

    Stage: Abandoned Waterfront

    Main Boss: Sakura

    Throw: Disruption

    Special Moves
    qcf+a - Air Fang [Kuuga]
    qcf+b - Air Fang (Anti-Air) [Kuuga (Taikuu)]
    qcf+c - Violent Flurry
    qcb+a - War Fang [Sensouga]
    qcb+b(x3) - Blue Fang [Aoiuga]
    dp+a - Rising Fang [Shoryuuga]
    dp+b/c - Full Moon Slash (has auto-guard) [Hangetsu Zan]
    ch. b,f+c - Static Fist [Seitei Ken] ...
  5. I have fallen...

    Just like Solomon been seduced by his waifu and lost his way.

    I lost my way to the charms of virtual waifus.

    In other word- I become a whale in FGO.

    Nearly 1 year and a half I vowed to myself for never spending money again since failed rolling Gil after a few pack. I give an exception that if it guaranteed gacha, it's okay to spend money if it guaranteed.

    However, during early January- I started to buy a single pack of quartz every time ...