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  1. Menu Patch and among other things for Super Robot Taisen Hakai Hen.

    Guy did this mostly himself and help from others that could help him from time to time .

    I'm surprised at the fact anyone wanted to take it up.

    Any moon rune readers feel up to the job to help him out? (Probably not, but eh...)

    He's also doing Saisei Hen and MX for the PSP. (saddened that it's not the ps2 version since I have that one)

    Updated November 6th, 2012 at 05:20 AM by ZidanReign

  2. Fuck you HP

    I own an HP laptop, got it on sale for about $750 a year and a half back, it's got a 5650, 8gb of ram, an i7 920 and is all around half-decent in terms of specs.

    It breaks all the time. Apparently HP decided to use the shittiest components imaginable in building my computer. Ram sticks fail, cd drive bay won't open, heatsinks somehow managed to melt, battery refuses to charge.

    I've sent it in to get repaired like 6 or 7 times already and, each time, it comes back wither ...
  3. Rage Quitting Time!

    I think I should be frank about this, I'm pretty pissed at the fandom right now in general. Now, I'm not going to quit being an Admin here, but what I am doing is taking a break from writing fanfiction. Part of this is stemming from the fact that there's so little of it that I enjoy that I read. Seriously I follow "Chaos Theory" and Kirean's "Trinity" series and that is about it.

    Right now, there's nothing that the fandom is offering me, and part of that is my ...
  4. Story Progress ver 2.

    by , November 4th, 2012 at 09:01 PM (Hatori's Study)
    Black White and Blue. (Shirou x SAO crossover)
    Story Progress: 10% (In conception)
    Estimated time of completion: TBD
    Beast Lair (oneshot?)
    Story progress: 5% (In Writing)
    Estimated time of completion: TBD

    Just a short update.

    Between this and Idolm@ster Shiny Festa, I'll be covering a lot of ground today
  5. Sandy

    Not the girl, the hurricane.

    So 2 million other New Yorkers lost power, some people were killed by falling trees, it was flooded up to 23rd street in Manhattan, parts of Brooklyn, etc.

    I lost internet for a week.

    Still, this was only a Category 1 when it hit, and it didn't even hit NYC directly!