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  1. Apparently, our car had been pried

    Fortunately, we didn't put anything important in the car except some tissue boxes and an umbrella which was well hidden in the space beneath the seat.
  2. Loot Crate...Part Deux!

    It's that time of the month again, where I shamelessly show off the (sometimes) cool anime merchandise I got.
    This month's theme is "Demi-Human"! There's less franchises featured this month so I'm hoping for higher quality items.
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    First up is the shirt. I've never seen "Twin Star Exorcists" before so I can't say much other than it looks cool and I wouldn't be opposed to wearing it. Maybe even for the Camho thread....
  3. Servant Sheets Are For Nerds

    Shinedown - Heroes






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  4. Dorset 2016

    I'm off on holiday tomorrow on a cruise and I remembered I went on holiday back in July but forgot to post pictures anywhere. I felt like sharing the good ones. I am very bad with a camera.

    There was the cottage I stayed at.

    The local pub
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  5. An End

    Dear All,

    Five_X has decided to end his relationship with me. After four years (our opinion differs on our experiences of it) he's decided to end it all, without speaking to me once about it.

    To be honest, this relationship has never been as fulfilling as it could be. We had aspirations, but turns out only I ever took them seriously.

    He met Glow on here in January. Instead of talking about any problems in our relationship with me - his then fiancee - he disclosed ...

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