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  1. Blogspot #05 - Sophix Tablet...the mystery tablet

    by , November 23rd, 2012 at 05:58 PM (Nicktendonick's Blog)
    Hello. I bought the Sophix 7 inch tablet from gamestop for black friday. I had intended on buying a 3DS or a Vita, but I thought, and I thought a tablet would be much more useful for my life then the other two.

    And...this is strange. I haven't herd a thing about the Sophix tablet.
    Has anybody herd of it at all? I'm looking across the internet...and I'm finding NO infomation about this tablet at all.

    If anyone does have any info, can someone please tell me? ...

    Updated November 25th, 2012 at 05:11 PM by Nicktendonick

  2. BitSymphony Favorites #3 Cid's Theme

    This is like the best remade theme I've heard of yet keeping the classic feeling with a cinematic feel.
  3. Servant Sheet #1: Orange★Rock Shooter

    Orange★Rock Shooter
    "Where would you go...?"

    Image (c) aerodog @ pixiv

    On a faraway land, the hero steps into another war.
    Something peculiar happened in this particular summoning ritual. For reasons unknown, it is this Heroic Spirit who heeds the Summoning instead of the expected spirit corresponding to the reagent used in the ritual. Her body is those of a sixteen-year
    Tags: Servants
  4. Servant Sheet #4: Adam Savage

    Also, I'm pulling this out of my head after a friend pitched the idea to Twitter (I don't see real people as Servants here, is that a no-no? Please tell me if it is!). Not really a serious effort.


    Adam Savage

    Image (c)[email protected]

    The Original Mythbuster, alongside
    Tags: Servant
  5. Servant Sheet #10: Astraea

    The final core angeloid to be statted, Astraea. She is a musclehead who is best when she is bashing things, thus is restricted into the Saber class.


    "This time, I won't lose!"

    Image (c) Akou @ pixiv

    Localized Warfare-class Angeloid Designation-Delta, and The Sword of Synapse.
    Astraea, alongside Ikaros
    Tags: Servants
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