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  1. Hey Everybody!

    Still plugging away on the next chapter of Conception/Zero. I haven't forgotten, just having to try to find the time to write and things.

    Something cool happened though!

    I got painted into a video games mural!

  2. Fire Emblem

    by , June 30th, 2014 at 08:09 PM (Imperial Privilege)
    As in the Gameboy Advance game with that as the actual title, not the franchise as a whole

    You know, the one with Eliwood

    I'm about eight stages in, and I'm awful at this so far. It's the super-easy tutorial section with Lyn, and I just had to restart because one of my best guys got killed. I know that the party in the tutorial section shows back up in Eilwood's mode--another one of the game's many generous features to newbies--but, damn it, I really like Kent. He's ...
  3. Call me MA

    by , June 28th, 2014 at 07:58 AM (Space Captain Katsura's Academic Blog (and more!))
    It's now official that I'm MA.

    I defended my thesis and got enough good score to make my dreams of becoming a Ph.D student realistic. I also found a supervisor. Next week I'm meeting up with him and we are going to plan out Ph.D studies, at least the beginning of them, as well he offered to review a paper I plan to submit for international competition.
  4. Ogre-like Translations: Atlanta ・ What's Up With These Skills?

    I have returned from Iceland in an attempt to get cooler. It was very cold and they eat a lot of canned food there.

    Something that I forgot to mention last week. Blood Arthur's warping of the sword, and then the beam of hatred is reminiscent of Enhance's sword Avenger. If you read the description of that, it talks about how Avenger warps into an ugly blade and shoots malice. Thought that was really interesting considering they're both Demonic Swords.

    Anyway this week ...

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  5. New York, New Yoooooooooooork

    I think this is the City That Never Sleeps, right??

    EXiku and I are here for a week for a friend's wedding, and while we're going to be pretty busy, we're trying to see what we can see of the big city, like the proper tourists we are.

    Already I introduced EXiku to the deliciousness of Philly cheese steak, and she's had the unique North American experience with street evangelists, and we also had some White Castle. All this is just from a bit of walking and bussing around ...