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  1. Lovers

    by , February 20th, 2013 at 07:49 AM (We Are All On Drugs)
    Dream of silver
    Dream of silver sound
    I long for naught but
    Synchronise in time
    Looking for an alien symptom
    Knowing that there's no hell before
    The line

    Sunlight eats the forlorn casket
    Casket eats in time

    I and you and you and I

    Eyes are searching eyes are blue
    Eyes are searching eyes are red
    Eyes are searching eyes are brown
    Eyes are searching eyes are green
    And eyes are

  2. Verg Avesta's Retrospect, Case #5: Christopher Eccleston was the Doctor for only one season

  3. Tsukihime Playthrough- Completion

    Since this is one of my two weeks off I get during the semester, I finally got around to finishing up with Tsukihime.

    Finished Akiha's route, finally. I found it somewhat underwhelming, but I admit that's partly due to the issue I had on my last blog post. I really have nothing much to say about it.

    Then I got to Kohaku's route, and my brain went 'wait what the fuck is going on' for about the second third or so.

    And... this happy ending? This amazingly happy ...
  4. Unexpectedly Rolling In

    ...Huh. It has been a while.

    Life in Singapore for the last few months is .... interesting. It definitely isn't a perfect place like a lot of people said and everything under its light is expensive, especially when you are an art student who had unwittingly taken up a technical drawing course. I wonder if I could save up for the next AFA at this rate. Last year AFA was fun (the SAO stand ran out of everything in one day. There isn't anything very remarkable from Fate Zero's though |, ...
    Tags: college life
  5. 2013 - Year of the Sci-Fi

    my body isn't ready

    Miracle whip time