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  1. Back from Japan! Also Visited the HF Cafe!

    Welp, time to go back to reality. Had a lot of fun, really; it was like stepping on a whole different world compared to home. Tried visiting as many districts as I could, but of course, I ended up going to Akihabara the most. I also ended up going to the HF cafe, so that was nice! Here's some pics I took of the place for anyone interested. (Forgive the picture quality, tho. ) Also watched the HF movie, too! (got the last promo CE, so ...

    Updated November 14th, 2017 at 02:40 PM by KAIZA

  2. At that time I was utterly strange.

    by , November 10th, 2017 at 09:12 PM (Daydreamy Side of the Moon)

    I don't really enjoy this feeling again. Virtually nothing done today other than looking at the ceiling and idly farming Gudaguda.

    Recover from one accident, put away your meds, get into another, out they come again.
    Second verse, same as the first.

    I am most exceptionally grumpy tonight, both at my luck and at myself. Hopefully the weekend goes nicely for everyone else.

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  3. I Completed the 1st Season of "Demon Hunterz". Onward to LunarFate?

    The First Season of "Demon Hunterz" is now available @ this website

    It features a man teaming up with a beautiful demon hunter to defeat the heretical superpowers of New England.

    Warning: If you support Feminism, DO NOT READ THIS STORY!! I MEAN IT TOO!!

    The final chapter of the LunarFate saga called "The Scarred Stars" won't be available until next year. I'm working on setting up how I'm going to approach that story. It doesn't seem ...

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  4. My first Servant sheet

    Alright. This is it. My first servant. And I for those who watching enjoying it.

    Class: Caster
    Identity: Hang Nadim of Temasek
    Alternate class: Avenger
    Gender: Male
    Height/weight : 120 cm/22 kg
    Attribute : Human, Magus
    Origin: Malay Folklore/Singapore (14th century)
    Alignment: Neutral good:
    Appearance : Caster was just a seven years old boy. He had short, wavy black hair. His skin tone was brownish peach. He had large, lightish ...

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  5. The Road So Far: FGO Blacklist

    Blacklist Post EOR 3

    Artoria Alter
    Artoria Lily
    Cu Chulainn

    Alexander (Bara)
    El-Melloi II (Zhuge Liang)
    Jeanne D’Arc
    Jeanne Alter
    Projection Magecraft
    Imaginary Numbers Magecraft
    Limited/Zero Overload

    I-IV (
    Mary Read and Anne Bonny
    Charles Babbage

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