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  1. Rainbow Saber

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    My first Fate/EXTELLA AMV Altera X Hakuno - Eternity - Enjoy!

    Fate/EXTELLA Spoilers ahead.

    Fate/EXTELLA Spoilers ahead.
  2. Story of my life....

    Take a shit in the morning when I wake up. Think I am okay.

    Get on train. Have an extreme urge to shit my pants. Have to fight that urge till I get to my workplace toilet.

    Basically it's all shit. My life, the train, my pants, the toilet. Nothing but shit.


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  4. how You deal with posters who refuse to read the source material

    Instead of saying potentially mean or hurtful things or even things that can be construed as mean that you could regret in 10 minutes maybe post

    Hello (insert name here)
    More information about (insert topic here) can be found in (insert work name here).
    It's actually very interesting and I encourage you to read it for yourself.
    A link can be found (insert link here if available)
    leave thread
  5. Dream's End/Faceless/Reunion/I Walk in the Sky


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