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  1. Fanfic Concept 1: Fate/Trace On

    The aftermath of the 4th Holy Grail War was felt through all of Japan. The relief and recovery efforts called from the high government and many organizations worldwide, but no company put more effort in than the leading multinational conglomerate, ENCOM. Ten years later, Fuyuki is the epitome of a technological wonder city. Its heart beats ever stronger since the turn of the century, and the innovations from the rise of the Net have pumped new life into its veins.

    Shirou Emiya lost ...
  2. Warning: This blog post may contain a large helping of euphoria. Reader discretion is advised. :3


    It has been quite a ride, but I can scarcely believe it... Mahou Tsukai no Yoru has been finally released! Wow, that is something I have been looking forward to since word got out that it had begun to be made all of these years ago because as many of you know, I am a big Aoko fan since I saw the Tsukihime anine. Yes, call me insane, but Aoko is the one proof I need that the anime existed and if you're an Aoko fan and go for the 'there is no Tsukiime
  3. On: Vampires

    It's been a while since I returned to my first love.

    I blame the blasphemous abomination called Twilight for forcing me underground in it with my life off the internet; it's damn near impossible to avoid that reference, these days.

    I once got smacked in the face by an irate fan of the series when I said the series was terrible. True story, happened during a town-wide yard sale. Only the age difference kept me from hitting the kid back; didn't want the trouble. (worse, it ...
  4. Not Emo, I Swear. More Iron Maiden than Linkin Park . . .

    So at work, doing more overtime, I found a copy of "Writer's Digest" in my desk that a coworker had given me. I was leafing through it, and a lot of the tips in it I have in more detailed format in a book on how to write horror. So I'm flipping through and find an interview with Robert Kirkman.

    You know, the guy who created "The Walking Dead" and "Invincible" as well as working on numerous other comic projects. Hell, the guy even writes for the TV show ...
  5. The Hell Biker: The anti-hero, the people, the setting and the villains

    So this idea for the Hell Biker has been around my head for a while and I need to work something out with this thiing. I figure that doing a blog post can help me out with this endeavour. This is where I'll write details and elements that may or may not be included with the characters.

    The anti-hero

    - Do I make the anti-hero faceless (Not literally, of course. Just someone whose face is purposefully obscured and hidden; think of Celty from Durarara, except that this guy ...

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