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  1. Kuroyuki's Visit to Japan Day 0-2

    Disclaimer: Actually written on different days due ahahaha jetlag, early mornings, and inability to find a good time to bust out that laptop of mine.

    Kuro Blog Day 0

    Okay. Arrived in Japan. Going to keep this quick because man am I tired. So took a 2 hour train ride from Narita Airport. Watched my parents check into their hotel. They had like GOJIRA’S head on the hotel so that was pretty cool.

    And man is their room small. Like barely two people can fit ...
  2. Grand Order Servant Wallpapers: White Day Edition

    So, yeah. Today is White Day over here, and I thought of making a few wallpapers of some Servants wearing white. Well, not all of them. But anyway. I'm going to have to apologize a bit since the images for the Servants I used don't actually come from Grand Order per se.

    Nero Bride+Roses

    Saber Lily+White Lilies

    Medea Lily+Water Lilies

    What do you guys think? Let me know if you liked them in the comments ...
  3. Day 7 - Shimogomo temple, Sakura, eagles, shopping.

    Not much that happened today. Resting day without any particular plans before we finally leave Kyoto and head to Hakone tomorrow. Most went to shop in various places, but me and 3 others went to the Shimogomo temple, another temple on the Unesco world heritage list, though smaller. Lots of those apparently. You can never get enough temples. ;-) Also finally got to see a Sakura tree in full bloom, so I took some pictures of that. Also saw several eagles, but didn't manage to take any pictures of ...

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  4. Day 6 - Arashiyama monkey park, Tenryu-ji and Kodai-ji temples, festivals, and a bamboo forest.

    Eventful day today. We first went to the Arashiyama mountain, where there is a park with wild and free roaming, but gentle and trusting snow monkeys, that are used to people. There are park staff that take care of the monkeys and feed them. We were able to feed them as well. The view from the top of the mountain was also amazing. Then, when we were on our way down from the mountain, we were stopped by two Japanese guys who asked us if we were willing to be filmed by their TV crew along with 4 ...

    Updated March 12th, 2016 at 04:26 PM by Rokudaime

  5. Anthropology Project

    We got a project

    In her short story, “The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas,” science-fiction author Ursula K. Le Guin writes of a people enveloped in brilliant joy. Yet their pure delight depends wholly on the misery and torment of one child. The majority of Omelas manage to reconcile this haunting paradox—that their happiness rests on, indeed necessitates, the torture of another. A few individuals, however, walk away.

    Taking Le Guin’s creative narrative as an allegory,