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  1. Non stop farts during the evening.... its just non stop diarrhea in the morning.
  2. Have horrible stomach ache....

    ....order spicy noodles for lunch. I never claimed to be the most intelligent member of our species.
  3. Sometimes I wish my hand could phase through stuff....

    ... but not my own poop. That way I could just phase through myself and coax out this constipation.

    Also earwax. Imagine being able to just slap your earwax out through your head.

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  4. Formatting Tips and Tricks for Sheet Creations

    I thought about making this thread for a while now and because of the something upcoming I decided now is a good time to make it.

    First up I recommend refresh your knowledge about your options available here..
    There are some things that may go over your head if you are not looking for their effects in particular. For now I go over the methods I use for my sheets.

    I generally recommend making your sheets in a private blog. That way you can format and see how it ...
  5. Enoch, Knower of Secrets

    Quote Originally Posted by Baron Magnus View Post
    From the pits of boredom and distraction this sheet was born. I dunno why this one but I just really wanted to make an Enoch sheet. Thought it was gonna be kinda lame since there's not much about the man himself but I managed to scrounge something together I think. Enjoy.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Enoch.png 
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ID:	14437

    Source: Angelo Gabrini, Danmachi.Fandom.Com
    Class: Caster
    True Name: Enoch
    Origin: Christian Mythology
    Alignment: Lawful-Good

    Updated September 17th, 2021 at 08:07 PM by Baron Magnus