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  1. A blog in which JetKinen tries very poorly to translate a brazilian book: Inimigo do Mundo - Book 1, Chapter 1

    To previous chapter and Intro

    Book 1

    The Chase

    Chapter I
    The Intruder

    Two guards charged against the unknown and the first one soon died with a kitchen knife between his eyes. The second one wavered, made a wrong move and was taken down by the jump of the stranger, who mounted on his chest with his knees. The guard felt his arm being firmly grappled, his wrist bones ...

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  2. A blog in which JetKinen tries very poorly to translate a brazilian book: Inimigo do Mundo - Intro and Prologue

    This is just something i'm doing to see if i get better at writing in english. I'm going to try to translate "O Inimigo do Mundo/The Enemy of the World/The World's Enemy" a fantasy novel written by Leonel Caldela released in 2004, based around the national fantasy RPG setting Tormenta/Storm created by Marcelo Cassaro, Rogério Saladino and J. M. Trevisan.
    Tormenta was introduced to the world around the late 90s and its a very hodgepodge of a setting as during the start it was mostly ...

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  3. On the Front Page, New Users, Hostility, and Community Attitude

    This post is made here because it is long, but it was initially part of a response to certain commentary made in the Front Page post in Announcements and further commentary that resulted about my post on the off-site discord chat. I realize that this doesn't have a lot to do with the Front Page, hence why I moved a considerable portion of it here, not only for that reason but because I think that this is an important problem that needs to have a place where it doesn't just get buried, whether you ...

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  4. Nihongo Adventures Continue

    Learning katakana slowly but surely. Able to at least introduce myself as an international/college student. Had temaki sushi this past weekend at a party. Nothing really spectacular as far as moonrunes and moonspeech go.
  5. Wil Wheaton on Anxiety and Depression

    So even Wesley Crusher suffers from anxiety issues...

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