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  1. My servants and mages (will be more soon)

  2. IT

    Watched IT movie

    Fuck you Stephen Kiing

    (prepares self for week of nightmares and no sleep)
  3. Yu – Gi – Oh! Trading Card Game: Pseudo – analysis of the Game and Why Most People Who Formerly Loved This Game Hated It

    by , September 4th, 2017 at 07:35 AM (Almost Every Topic Under the Sun)
    Deeply apologizing for no pics. -.-

    Yu – Gi – Oh! Trading Card Game is my number one hobby back in my days. This game is my absolute favorite, and would buy booster packs just for this game. My former deck is concentrated on various strategies to make your opponent distracted, my personal favorites being in control of the grave, banishing cards and letting your opponent discard cards.

    Rarest cards that I have at that time are Dark Magician of Chaos, Chaos Emperor Dragon ...
  4. Yes

    Drinking sugarless green tea on cheat day is totally the wave my dudes
  5. Yurop 2017, Part 1: Wienertown

    Hi hello this is a blog about a trip I took to Europe this August, with lots of pictures and stuff. This first episode is all about the initial leg of the journey, which took place in Vienna, Austria. I meant to type this up earlier but I was despairing about how to get my pictures from my phone to the computer, then realized they're all in Google already so I'm good.

    The trip to Europe from Canada was ordinary: I took a bus, got on a plane, landed, then got on another plane and landed. ...