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  1. Dissidia 012 Stuff (pt.2)

    If you look at it in black & white, Gabranth got buffed hard. But, when you really look at it, he's just crippled so much by the game's mechanics that it's not fair considering he was one of the best characters in the first one. The assist system really hurts Gabranth. Normal attacks from assists deplete the EX gauge outright. This isn't too much of a problem, since EX charging on the ground got a speed boost, it's when he goes into EX mode. Getting hit by an assist while ...
  2. Dissidia 012 Stuff (pt.1)

    Randomness from 7th Dimension from not too long ago.

    Warrior of Light
    WoL gained some better aerial control with his Shining Wave going up into the air now. But really, not much has changed about him. He's still the standard "balanced" character that is easy to see coming and easy to predict. If anything, he was hurt by the new system because assists can punish the hell out of him and the openings ...
  3. Gonna try out this blog thing

    Title says it all, people. Only question is, what should my blogs be about?

    Well, I guess I could just go typical otaku style and write all about video games, anime, and stuff. That would be pretty easy. Maybe some game tips here, a little rant there, and some recommendations in between. That sounds cool. :P
  4. On blogs

    With this new trend of blogs on BL, I suppose it's time for me to start my detached musings as well.

    Funny. Before we were given blogs, not many of us would have demanded them. Now that we have blogs, the temptation to use them becomes overwhelming.

    ... Freebies. One of the few good things about life.

    Many blogs have purposes, yet many do not. In a way, a blog is just a diary, a place to let yourself go. A haven of your own to create and destroy as you ...

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  5. I need another partition?

    by , February 12th, 2012 at 03:29 PM (I create a world of finite somethings)
    Revised my outline for Shared Resonance, though I don't think I backed it up on my livejournal. I'll put it up here. Be warned, it gives away pretty much everything, so if you like to be surprised, yeah, it'll ruin that.


    Memory Partition Activate

    [Sion and Shirou are staying at an isolated inn. They lament over a few magi that have attacked them. It is implied that Magus Killers have been seeking Shirou out. Sion has a standing “warrant” from Atlas out,