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    Now this was an interesting read. I'll definitely remember this paper... For future references... Maybe...
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    Congrats! Korone often retweets fanart, so if you increase your power and become a dedicated listener, I'm sure the promised day will come.
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    next step is like&rt, you are not done yet
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    Quote Originally Posted by Petrikow
    Show us what the tweet she liked was, coward.
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    If it makes you feel any better, following the translation on the discord has been pretty fulfilling as there's a continuously updated page count of text translated from the raw script. I'd say we're a month or two off from having the entire script translated, and then it's editing and testing.
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    Show us what the tweet she liked was, coward.
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    Thanks, Five. It makes me happy to hear that from you.

    It's unfortunate that the state of CCC's translation seems stalled, but maybe we'll get there someday.
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    You're a good thinker, Petri. I'm glad you found so much satisfaction in CCC - I hope I might be able to dust off the game box I bought a million years ago and someday play it in an English patch, or somehow anyway.
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    thank you. exactly my type of deranged humor