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  1. Horizon Gate 1 (Sun Wukong, Libera, and Other Characters)

    by , May 15th, 2022 at 06:38 AM (Horizon of Strange Stars: Cosmic Dump)
    So progress on Xanadu is going smoothly. Ideas just came flowing into my brain in one day and I wrote out like paragraphs at a time of ideas in the document. I also wrote out some stuff for the other Horizon Gates, specifically 5 and 4. Horizon Gate 2 is still somewhat hard to wrap my head around but I'm leaning towards something with an adventurous, tense feeling, like a journey in a world on the verge of exploding. Here's some art for some of the important people that will appear in Horizon Gate ...

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  2. Another VTuber liked my tweet.....

    Oh, I'm die. Thank you forever.

    I have no idea how I'm going to get that RT but whatever comes will come I guess. I suppose it'll be easier if I do some small indie VTuber fanart.....
  3. A VTuber liked my tweet....

    My life has peaked. Peace out.
  4. Thoughts on CCC

    (Warning: you are about to read a pointlessly long rambling about CCC which is neither review, analysis or summary, even if it reads sometimes like all three. It is nothing more than a disorganised pile of musings and thoughts which provide little insight. That said, feel free to partake regardless)

    Now that I’m done with basically everything EXTRA-verse related ever produced (as far as I know?) I think it’s time I got back to thinking about CCC, which is undoubtedly the ...

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  5. Create-A-Servant 3

    Quote Originally Posted by Wan Dering'cul Tivator View Post
    Lancer on Rattlesnake Mountain

    True Name: Timothy Merrick
    Species: Servant, Human
    Likes: Folk Songs, His Scythe, Honest Labor
    Dislikes: Poisons, Snakes
    Type: Heroic Servant