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  1. Create-A-Servant 3

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    The Voodoo Queen of New Orleans
    -- Are ya Reeeaaadyyy~ --

    Source: American Folklore

    True Name: Marie Leveau
    Alignment: True Nuetral
    Origin: American Folklore


    STR: E
    END: E
    AGI: C
    MGI: A
    LCK: A+
    NP: B

    Likes: Jewelry, Money, Celebration and
  2. Singularity/Lostbelt Ideas:

    Letting Imagination take over me is a mistake.

    Some ideas:
    • Reborn Yōkai Empire of a Second World War: Shōwa
    • Neverending War of God: Neo Romanum
    • Unveiling Apocalypse: Revelation
    • Fall of the Islands: Tsushima
    • Chivalric Tales of the Shang Dynasty: Fengshan Yanyi
    • War of the Falcon and Sha: Set
    • Guerrilla Jungle Warfare: Sức Cản (Resistance)
    • Ruling Empire of Gold: Majapahit
    • Revenge of the Azure Dragon: Cixi
    • Technological Shogunate of Warfare:

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  3. Archers & bows? Buddy boy, I'm the whole arsenal.

    I'd like to first thank everyone for the warm welcome.

    Moving onto the topic, the Fate franchise is often made fun of for how it handles Servant classes. Archers are the most obvious ones, but you also have the Saber beam meme among others.

    There are a lot of things that sort of bug me about the Franchise, but this isn't one of them. Not only are the classes meant to be abstract rather than completely literal (and it has to accommodate people from across very different ...
  4. Servant Compendium

    You already know what to expect. Here are the Fanservant sheets I've posted so far on the forum, organized by class.


    Hank Morgan Lily


    Hank Morgan
    Anzu (Collab with DracoScribe's Zenki and Goki)


    Rube Waddell

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  5. Welp, this is a servant Compendium

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