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  1. Gacha gacha CUTE figyu atto!!

  2. Pee Pee Poo Poo PPPBHHHSSHTHHHH!!!

  3. [FGO JP Main Chapter] Lostbelt 7: Nahui Mictlan ~ The One Who Rules the Planet

    Quote Originally Posted by TresserT View Post
    Someone explained this very thoroughly a couple of weeks ago.

    In typemoon there are two views of the universe. The Actual Universe and the Observable Universe.

    The AU is like a giant stone tablet with everything that ever has or will happen etched into it. There's no past or future, everything just is and is layed out clearly all at once. Likewise, events don't "unfold"- every "possibility" is actually just another etching. These etchings take the shape
  4. Vididii's Servant Compendium

    Eyyy, welcome to my compendium! Still don't have a lot of servants for being here half a year, but we're slowly fixing that! Anyways, things are divided below in two ways- individual servant classes, and my state of progress with them. Most are going to be under the Completed Servant category, but the other categories are going to be there for a reason. And who knows, I may revamp this whole thing with a magus OC telling you all this, but for now, enjoy!~

    Completed Servants

    Updated February 15th, 2023 at 09:19 PM by Vididii

  5. Demon Hunters DX - Season 3 Complete!!

    Season 3 of my Demon Hunters DX saga is complete.

    Itís open @

    Iím taking me a one and a half weekly break just so I can focus on how Iím going to approach the final season.
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