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  1. We have come far since...

  2. My Throne of Heroes (NO LONGER UPDATED)

  3. What Differentiates Russian Collectible Stamps From Others?

    Starting out in the stamp collecting hobby can be a little confusing. With millions of stamps being made each year, it is hard to determine which stamps are worth collecting and which are not. The truth is that if you like a particular stamp, it is worth collecting. Most experts will state that the thing that differentiates a collectible stamp from a piece of dirt is that the collector likes the stamp. There are a few things to keep in mind when collecting for profit however. If you are collector ...
  4. Strongest Servant Per Class

    Hey there people reading this, whomever you may be. I was having a discussion with a friend about the servants in the Fate series and he asked me a question: Who do you think the strongest servant for each class is? And after thinking about it I gave him this list:

    Archer: Gilgamesh
    Saber: Artoria
    Caster: Merlin
    Assassin: King Hassan
    Lancer: Karna
    Rider: Medusa
    Berseker: Herakles

    But after pondering some more I realized that I don't ...
  5. Pokémon: Where you matter

    With the announcement of the new Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon games, I started to think about how come the games I'd played in my childhood had seemingly changed so much in what feels such a short amount of time. We've gone from catching electric mice, horned monsters straight out of Japanese kids TV shows and other charismatic creatures inspired by animals, plants, living objects or the ever present nowdays issue of pollution to fighting against alien beings from another dimension, and oddly enough, ...