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  1. Let the Universe cry out in terror, for I have returned!

    I'm writing again. Yeah. I went there. Put words down on a page in such an order that they tell a COHERENT STORY.


    In any event, I have my fics on a more regular update schedule as well, hopefully. Infinity is first, and the update is approaching completion, but Chaos Theory should be updated sometime in September, almost for certain.

    And I have a surprise in store, but more on that... later.

  2. Planetside 2: Okay, some footage for a change.

    While I still can't talk about specifics or details, there was a public, authorized stream from one of the developers today, of a huge-ass battle in the world of Planetside 2.

    Feel free to watch it for yourself. This, children, is why if you like FPS games, you should be very, very excited.
  3. I have returned or maybe something like that.

    Apparently, I... uh, "conveniently" forgot Beast's Lair existed.

    I think I'll try to see more interesting things inside here again.

    To use the word "persistent" is somehow too great of an achivement for me, though, and my productivity has somehow been bogged by a lot of stuff lately, maybe I should work with some people for good times' sake. I really want to get that productivity back, and I get the feeling my younger self will scold me for doing nothing ...
  4. I have returned . . .

    by , August 27th, 2012 at 05:22 PM (The Dark Side of the Moon (Kieran's Works))
    Next Fic to be Updated: Gods and Monsters I: Stolen Thunder

    Completion Level: 1 page (approx. 10%)

    Expected Upload Date: Wednesday or Thursday

    Amidst tragedy and triumph - I got some stuff I wanted at the con, and failed to get others. I'll get as many chapters done as I can before I go in for surgery, in anticipation of a long drought (at least a month, from what I hear).

    That's about it, I guess.
  5. Fine I'll put my cooking stuff here