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  1. I kinda wanna make a Shinji F/SN route. + Other Fate/Alternates

    In Ren'py.

    But Alas! I suck ballz at writing.

    and I'm not really sure how that would go anyways... Or how Sakura would take it.

    I mean losing your beloved to your sister sucks, losing him to a random foreign girl who came out of no where sucks even more, but losing your beloved to your 'brother' who has been raping, and abusing you for years...

    Could make her go full DS...

    Yeah. If I did a Shinji Route it would probably ...
  2. Way Back...

    Coming back from a long haitus I could not find the old Servant Contest 2007 hosted on the old Beast Lair forum. So I thought I'd just place my entry here to serve as a source of nostalgia.

    Servant class - Berserker
    True Name - Carados Briefbras
    (Knight of the Round Table) (French Romance)

    Alignment: Lawful Neutral ...
  3. Can't really call it progress

    Blog post... why not.

    So I had my spring break this week. You'd think that would mean lots of time to write and stuff, but actually I've been pretty busy.

    I had this internship for a class that I needed to do. Ironically, I'm in an education program so that meant even though I'm on spring break I had to go to school anyways. Not fun.

    I also had some martial arts stuff and a promotion test which was taxing. I thought I would be spending spring break relaxing ...
  4. Just tried watching Fate/Stay Night the Anime...

    my god did I want to cringe

    I didn't even get through one episode before saying "fuck this"

    Studio DEEN I hate you. So many VN Animes Ruined.... ;_;
  5. Idea getto da ze~

    by , April 5th, 2012 at 07:02 PM (Just Persona 5 things)
    So I know I am not writing a lot (Graces F! SRWZ2saiseihen! Holy week!) but I just got a terribly awesome idea for "The 5th Holy Grail War."

    And now, time to railroad everyone to it. If worse comes to worse, I would have to create my "drabble" thread. Which wouldn't have drabbles because I cannot write short things but that's neither here nor there.