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  1. Testicles

    Why did evolution think these were a good idea? They dangle around, can get twisted and hurt a lot to the tiniest of impacts. Why couldn't they have been encased in some armoured shell? Is our genetic legacy not worth that much? Nah gonna just dangle them out there for toilet snakes to take a bite at.

    Yeah I know its hanging out there because of temperature regulation or whatever, but why can't the bollocks and sperm have evolved to be more resilient to body temperatures? Nah, gotta ...
  2. Drangle's Servant's: A Compendium

    Avenger - "Mt. Rushmore"
    The Sins of the Forefathers

    Lancer - Bodhmall & Liath Luachra
    Dual Mothers of a Cultural Hero

    WatcherPretender - "Sun Zi"
    Warmonger Supreme (First of Her Kind on the Site)

    Alter Ego - Jugemu Jugemu Go-ko-no-Surike (...) no Chousuke
    The First and Longest Name Japanese Performance Comedy

    Archer - Pyotr/Petrolina Illych Tchaikovsky
    Delicate Duo of Bombastic Music
  3. Mentos the Freshmaker

    I don't know if anybody remembers the 90s Mentos Ads, but there's a full version of that song and I think it's basically the best song written ever.

    Those ads basically had the equivalent of flipping someone off by waving a stick of mentos at them. Good times.

  4. So I'm joining that monthly contest. Who knew?

    With the theme being so broad a Duchamp can lodge a porta-potty in it -- I then scoured high and low for possible candidates. I won't bore whoever reads this with a list of those I considered then set aside; gods know I'm boring enough as is.

    Instead, here's a shortlist:

    G. G. Allin -- Jesus Christ, NO

    Lee Miller -- American model and artist, co-discoverer of the process of solarisation alongside her sometime partner Man Ray (yes, the Spongebob character), ...
  5. Watched Ghost in the Shell.

    It was pretty good. I understand why people were pissed that the 2017 movie sucked balls.

    It wasn't too ambitious with its commentary, but the concepts of ghost, hacking, memories and the like were done in a simple yet tasteful way, and the conclusion was rather solid. However, the plot felt not necessarily rushed, but like the climax was not truly palpable. I don't know if it's just too subtle, but it didn't feel like an arc in the biggest sense of the word.

    The best ...
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