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  1. Cosplay 2: Kiryu Moeka

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    I till need to do the black accents on the top but its done otherwise. Why i decided to needed to balance my phones on my boobs is beyond me.
  2. [NSFW] Stopman, The Iron Fist of Justice

    Roaming around for Doujins, I stumbled upon this glorious piece of work.

    Shirou, you should try to learn from this guy.

    He is credit to team.

    And True Hero of Justice.

    Updated August 1st, 2012 at 01:22 PM by ZidanReign

  3. God bless AGTH and ITH (and Atlas translator)

    How... how did I miss the existance of such wonderful programs? AGTH/ITH + Altas translator = Me happily reading Mahoyo without any patches. The translation isn't that good, but it is 70% understandable and I can make sense of the rest.

    Atlas is sooo better than Google Translate, because I can program it to not translate character names ('Aozaki Aoko' instead of 'Aosaki blue girl' and 'Misaki' instead of '3 saki') and add words that aren't on the dictionary. Wonderful! ...
  4. Anime Revolution - Day 2

    I departed today a half hour earlier than yesterday, and because my friends and I (including one who was not there Friday) all had our passes already, we got in without having to wait in a two-hour long lineup.

    We started out mostly by wandering around; we encountered the people running a paintball shooting gallery who tried to coerce us into doing a round of it. We were told that if we all came in costumes on Sunday it would be free, but that statement seems somewhat dubious. After ...

    Updated August 19th, 2012 at 02:22 AM by Five_X

  5. Anime Revolution - Day 3

    Ah, the last day of Anime Revolution! As it happened, this was the day with the most rigid schedule, for me at least. Though, unfortunately, my friends and I left at 9 instead of 8, and so I didn't get there obsessively early to do everything at the convention.

    There was about an hour or so before I planned to get in line for The Dark Side of Jouji Nakata, and in that hour I first got my commission ordered, for seven dollars from the same group of girls that sold me their awesome Mami ...
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