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  1. Do Mods clap when they ban sockpuppets?

  2. This is surely a sign of things to come/I am Emiya Shirou/ONORE

    So as a small amount of you may know, I am the proud owner of a Gil-with-Ea figurine. I bought it for silly-cheap (50$) at Genki 2013 last August, and it was pretty much a steal. Looked great, had a cool base, so on so forth. This guy has been standing on the small steel closet my oversized monitor sits on for the last year, never fallen over, so on so forth.

    Then, not even 30 minutes ago I was dusting off some of my room when I saw that my figurine had gotten pretty dusty. Figures, ...
  3. Night Before The Storm - Day 0 of the Zombie Apocalypse.

    It was supposed to be a simple sendoff by the admins.

    One last quest for the MMO before they signed off for good. They reskinned the world to an urban complex and hurriedly coded in every language they knew to get the update out on time.

    They made a horrible mistake.

    Maybe it was the PERL. Maybe it was the HTML. Maybe it was the FORTRAN, or perhaps the COBOL. At any rate, a virulent glitch invaded the system.

    A player was corrupted.
  4. Job Wanted

    Worked a number of years as a Research and Development Technician. Mostly working new product line for them to flog, often saddled with odd jobs such as fixing production problems or performing testing needed by various universities and customers. Studied in totally unrelated field. Suffers depression, feel very strongly the urge to become recluse. Unsuited to human contact and indeed not really a functional human being. Will be moving to accomodation for the mentally unsound.
  5. Ogre-like Translations: Bersercar ・ Mobage

    So before we get to Herc, Grand Order is coming out soon and that got me thinking about the mobile games that I currently play. So I currently play Puzzles and Dragons US Server. My friend got me into like like 256 days ago according to my log in bonus. Anyway I'm currently running a Green Odin as a lead and Red Odin because even if he's a bad leader people like to use him for the novelty. Either way my ID is 374599273 it'd be great if you added me if you play.

    Also because of Grand ...

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