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  1. Starting College Tomorrow

    Tomorrow is my first day of college. I am really nervous. it sucks because I have to use the transit system and I'm not use to that. I've done it before. Just very rarely have I done it. Luckily it's only one class for me tomorrow and it's in the morning. But afterwards I have to spend time there trying to see if I can find work at the campus. I spent all summer looking for a job, but no one wants freshly out of high school minority boy. So hopefully I can find a job tomorrow for work. Or at ...
  2. An annual family outing.

    So, about a week ago, we took a trip out to a sort of annual family outing: The Erie County Fair.

    Now this is somewhere I've gone pretty much almost every August of my life from the age of three years old on. It was a tradition started by my grandfather, and then carried on through my father. The only exception was really last year, when dad had passed four months before we would've went and it made it rather rough on me to go. Even going this year was kind of hard in some ways since ...
  3. Indie Game: Element4l

    Just thought I'd promote this a little because seeing games like this makes me happy.

  4. A blog to Moczo

    by , August 17th, 2013 at 01:53 AM (Nicktendonick's Blog)
    Hello there. Moczo and Moczo, This blog post, is mostly for you.

    Today I went and was looking up something to kill some time during break, so I pulled up your "Happy Riniversary" on my smartphone, noticing it was something I could read during my break.

    Then later on, my day went pretty sour. Really wasn't fun and well, left me in a pretty miserable mood.

    Then later on in the day was I checked my phone again and noticed your story still on it. ...
  5. Remember when you were a kid, and had to learn how to type?

    If you're of relatively close to my age, the name "Mavis Beacon" probably brings one of two thoughts to your mind:
    1. "Oh yeah, Mavis Beacon! Man, that was hard at times."

    Yeah, well, this ain't Mavis Beacon. Instead, it's Icarus Proudbottom. But when he's done with you, your fingers will be like gods.*

    By the way, I aced pretty much every test on the first go. I think the ...