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  1. Fate/Grand Order Story and Lore (CONTAINS SPOILERS)

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    The talk we had earlier about 濾過異聞史現象 (on NA: Felling Theoretical Phenomenon) in relation to 剪定事象 (on NA: Pruning Theoretical Phenomenon) as well as their translations really got me thinking more about what the hell is going on here.

    At first I was just thinking about the whole theoretical thing, but eventually I realized this misses the point. The real reason why especially the translation for 剪定事象
  2. Fate/last call - Servant Compendium

    Fate/last call
    night, dawn, and the birth of stars

    The following is a compendium of the champions who have answered their summons. For those who bind them, see the compendium of their Masters.

    Name:  eHjtp4R.png
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Size:  17.4 KB False Saber
    A fairylike, godlike forge incarnate, soaring on wings of swords.

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    Fate/last call
  3. Why Shinji Matou is the best character TM has conceived.

    1. He's an avid follower of the Nanaya Grindset
    2. He does Sakura which means showing her love and affection
    3. He's SHIKI's successsor. We all know nobody even knows he exists these days so Shinji and Gil fill the holes for a TM fan
    4. His hair is cool and unique
    5. Shinji Matou is so cool and chad i want to bear his children.

    /s (stands for shinji best boy- i mean satire)

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  4. Theory on Saint Graph Designation: Stranger

    The following is an excerpt from a paper published within Clock Tower's Department of Summoning, written on the topic of the potential existence of an undiscovered Extra Class.

    Theory concerning the qualification and manifestation of a Saint Graph Designation "Stranger", especially within the context of Ghost Liners

    Eulyphis Faculty, Department of Summoning

    Kana Tenou Metanovae


    This thesis is concerned with the underlying ...

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  5. List of my servants for easy access

    The following are all the Servants I have created in all of Beast's Lair so far. Feel free to look through them!
    Total #: 2

    Saber: total

    Lancer: total

    Archer: total

    Rider: total

    Caster: total

    Assassin: 1 total

    Berserker: total

    Ruler: total

    Avenger: total

    Alter Ego: total

    Mooncancer: total


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