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  1. An Exercise In Galactic Xenocide - Galactic Civilizations 2

    Some of you may have heard me talk about how Galactic Civilizations 2 is in my opinion the best game of that type (at least that I've played).
    I have a confession to make: I've actually only ever completed one GalCiv 2 game, and that was by being a race of diplomatic cowards who allied with everyone and got their allies to kill those who refused to ally. I didn't fire a single shot in that entire game. Every time I try a conquest game it goes poorly because I'm not actually very good at it. ...
  2. Japan (5-6)

    Two days ago we went to the Ashikaga Flower Park in Tochigi. It was a nice rural 2-and-a-half-hours train ride that involved a lot of sitting and waiting because I miscalculated our departure time and we got there a half hour before the first train. I could have slept in...

    The park was pretty and had lots of nice flowers in it. Or so I heard, because I didn't go in. I was feeling disgruntled about the expensive train fare and my entire lower body ached for some reason so I sat outside ...
  3. Ogre-like Translations: Alkeides and Hippolyta

    I still hate how Strange Fake doesn't give descriptions of class skills.

    Avenger/True Archer

    203cm 141kg
    Chaotic Evil

    本来呼び出したクラスが強制的に歪められ、別のクラスの特性を付与された証。引き替えに、元のクラススキル のいずれかが低下する。アルケイデスの埸合は単独行動が低下してCランクとなっている。
    Distortion: A
    Forced distortion of the class he was originally called forth in. He has received the other class's specialty as proof. Conversely, either of the class skills has declined. ...
  4. Onii-chan Yamete

    I downloaded a copy of 1984 a while back and finally got around to reading it.

    Turns out someone went through and replaced all instances of "Big Brother" with "Onii-chan"

    I'm not even mad. Hell, I'll read through the whole thing like this.
  5. I looked through my Blog Entries.

    I regret everything.

    I'm so sorry I put people through enough cancer to recommend chemo.